View Full Version : petite nana and shrimp

21st Jun 2008, 04:40 AM
I have read that it can cause problems with shrimp and having petite nana in the same tank but do not know if this is true. Anyone have any specific problems with the two?

21st Jun 2008, 04:05 PM
I have 2 petite nanas in my shrimp tank with now problems. As long as you don't do any major prunning of them it won't cause any problems. I've done minor prunning with no trouble. Never had to do any major prunning yet, but I heard it could be harmful.

21st Jun 2008, 04:51 PM
What I heard is we can have problem if cut the anúbia

21st Jun 2008, 05:25 PM
I have many different variations of anubias in my shrimp tank without any ill effects. I've yet to truly see any substantiated cases where anubias has been toxic to shrimp, even with pruning.