View Full Version : My malayan are commiting suicide

16th Mar 2005, 01:35 PM
Need some advice, my malayan are commiting suicide, jumping out of the tank until i need to start covering it. then i notice some died in my tank. However my temp has been kept low so im not sure what really happen. I tried malayan as its much cheaper before i switch to cherry and yamato. Any advice? I'm owning a 1 ft tank with moss covered on the beddings and some cabomba...my light is on evening time for 3 hours, there is a inter submerge filter...which i off at night because of the rise in temp in the morning. By the way, the water does smell like prawn noodle very fast with shrimps in it..

16th Mar 2005, 02:15 PM
Apparently, the water is bad, that is why Yamato want to get out of water and died inside.

You didn;t provide much information in water parameter and equipment, so one or more of these can be the reason:
- It could be due to new tank, without proper cycle. Ammonia and perhaps nitriate build up which your filter cannot cope.
- Overcrowding, lack of oxygen
- High chemcial content, fertiser and as such
- You didn;t acclimatise the shrimp before putting before putting into the tank
- Your filter cannot take the bioload.

You can't off and on filter, it must run 24 hours per day, beneficial bacteria cannot develop or will die when you off the filter !!! Beside that, it provides water surface movement which get Oxygen to dissolve in water.

In fact, they are many more to guess, we only can narrow down if you can provide as much infomation in water parameters (PH, KH, NH3/4, NO2/3, Temperature), Tank (tank size, water volume, gravel, fertiliser and chemical additive?). And how fast the shrimp deaths take place? However, one of the reason for their death is that filter didn't run continously.

Best is you can attach a picture of your tank. Definately not correct when your water became prawn noodle soup smell, it should be as smell-less as mineral water all the time.

16th Mar 2005, 02:16 PM
erh you said you off something at night ? I hope its not that filter.

is your tank cycled?

Did u acclimatized your shrimps to your tank before letting them in?

Whats your tank temp?

If the water stinks....ammonia might be present in the water.

We need more details.

Last question did u buy 100 malayans from genx for 1ft? might be overcrowded. I know they sell them quite cheap. How long are the malayans in the tank ? 1 week then went crazy or only a few days.