View Full Version : Aegla update- all gone :(

31st May 2008, 03:21 AM
Just a quick update to this post:

After about 3 months they turned shy and wouldn't wander around during the day anymore. They also started to become less friendly towards each other and found their own hiding spaces which they'd defend. Prior to that they would happily hide in the same small space and feed during the day.

Eventually the largest on went on a crazed rampage and ripped the claws of most the others. In 3 days he managed to kill 7 others and I moved 3 to a friends tank where they survive. Since there were originally 15 young ones I assume the others died or were eaten.

The daddy aegla had also killed tankmates and I now think they can be quite an aggressive species, especially when over-crowded.

I'm not going to keep them again as I've done what I wanted by getting them to breed. If I was doing it again, I'd split up the babies or at least put them in a larger tank. A 30" tank (about 100 litres) was much too small for 15.

Good luck to anyone else keeping them. i'm still interested in hearing other peoples experiences, especially breeding.