View Full Version : Procambarus Update

30th Mar 2008, 05:09 PM
Okay so I named her Jezz, at the suggestion of a friend from work.
Jezz has already shed for the first time. It was on the 25th. She's doing very well, has been fairly active and is eating ravenously.
I bought her some food called "Sinking Wafers" at the LFS on saturday, for no other reason than the little bag was on sale for a dollar and a half. Ingredients list more plant stuff than fish stuff, so that ultimately decided me, because I thought they'd be good for her veggie needs. I tossed one of the little wafers in, earlier and she grabbed it, tasted it and then ran away with it to her snuff-bottle cave to eat it. I have watched her run away with her food a lot lately, and I've decided it's because of the goldfish. I have noticed that they will try to take it from her if she doesn't take it with her to hide. I find it SO INTERESTING that something so tiny, with obviously just a tiny mass of ganglia for a brain, can learn things like taking her food and running from her tankmates. She wasn't doing that at first, and definitely seemed to "figure out" that she needed to. Learning behavior! Fascinating to me. Oh and that reminds me, since I'm talking about her diet:
As to her "meat/fish" needs, well... she ate one of her pet goldfish a few days ago. I came home from work, and only one goldfish was swimming around so I searched and quickly found the remains of the other, obviously half-consumed. I left it in there to see what would happen, and sure enough, the next morning there wasn't even THAT to be found. So, she is doing just fine as near as I can tell.
I'm changing her water out, two gallons at a time (just under half the tank), every saturday. That's the only thing that is keeping her water clear because between her and the goldfish, the water is already just slightly clouded by saturday. Vac'cing the gravel, I'm seeing LOTS of stool coming up out of it. I'm not putting a filtration system in. She's got bubbles, but I refuse to put in a filter right now (the tank is so small, that I haven't got one to spare that is small enough and I'm NOT buying one right now, I'm not going to do it and she can't make me).
I hope that ya'll find this as interesting as I do. Thanks for reading. I'm enclosing a really good pic I just took, of her right side.