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3rd Feb 2008, 01:14 PM
Is it a good idea to grow two or more type of mosses in a 1 ft shrimp tank if i attach them separately to pieces of stone or driftwood?

Will the mosses grow into each other and turn messy when the wrong spores land on them?

Will this require a lot of trimming and maintenance compared to a tank with only one kind of moss?

3rd Feb 2008, 09:31 PM
Hi Obama,
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There won't be any spores in your tank. But parts of the fonts will break and spread all over the tank. So you need some pincers and patience to clean the tank regularly or the mosses will mix for sure.

I recommend to keep very different looking mosses together in a tank. For example a kind of stringy moss (Amblystegium serpens or Leptodictyon riparium) with a Versicularia species e.g. Singapore moss and a Taxiphyllum species e.g. Taiwan moss.

Keeping several mosses of the same genus together e.g. Weeping moss and Singapore moss requires a lot of work to keep them separated from each other. It can also be quite hard to differentiate them. I don't recommend this if you don't want to spend one or two hours each week to clean the tank.

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4th Feb 2008, 05:31 PM
Thanks Robert.

As i have never keep mosses before, i didn't realize some mosses look really alike!