View Full Version : cherax. destructor.. breeding

7th Nov 2007, 05:56 PM
i have recently got some yabbies/crayfish from my uni lake... they are the common crayfish that is inhabiting many water sources of australia...

when i capture them .. i had an idea of keeping them just for fun then releasing them after a while...

but after 3 weeks.. i notice strange behaviour of some cherax.... as some of them have their rear-end close tightly... curious to know the health of them as very minimal filtration was used in the plastic tub(temporary) i had them in, <as when i put them in my 3ft tank.. i will see them on my carpet the next day even when there is jst a few mm gap at my aquarium hood.. >.. after picking up 1 of the weird ones.. i found plenty of eggs underneath their body.. i was amaze..

also i found 3 female with green(similar to British racing green) eggs and 1 particularly large female with black eggs... any idea what color of the eggs should be?

i need advice in keeping them if i could .. was thinking of using the similar plastic storage container... its around 70ltrs with 3 large sponge filters and plenty of pvc pipes for hiding.. and feeding algae flakes ...

1. is it appropriate to keep them in such bad condition?? (cause i was told by a fellow biology researcher that these cherax have very minimal requirement to live and can live through well in such poor condition in wild)

2. do i have to separate the adults??