View Full Version : Hydor CO2 Turbo Diffuser

9th Jun 2007, 03:01 AM
Hi there,

Well, I got it not long ago and it was doing well for my first DIY CO2 tank. After I replaced a new DIY CO2 tank, this diffuser is not working anymore. :undecided
There is no bubbles coming out and I have checked my bubble counter, there are bubbles coming out in bubble counter.

I tried the other way round, i disconnected the tube from bubble counter (out) and let the diffuser to draw the CO2 directly from the air and it worked. I saw plenty (> 1000) big and small bubbles coming out from the diffuser.

Once I re-connect the tube back to bubble counter, the diffuser will back to idle, no bubbles :cry:

Anyone experienced that before? Any solution? :bs_help:


P/s: this is the link of this product