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29th Oct 2006, 06:31 AM
Eventually I managed to get some fragments of the Monosolenium tenerum (used to be wrongly named Pellia) from Malaysia (18th Aug 2006). I tie all the fragments on to a piece of stone with cotton thread and place them in one of my 8L Tiger shrimp tank with 11W compact fluorescence light and CO2 supply (DIY yeast culture). Water pH is about 7, KH ~7.8 and GH ~16 (typical London tap water) and temperature about 22-24C. I dose the tank every other day with very small doses of Seachem Excel, Fluorish, Iron, Potassium and Trace. I prepare a 500ml bottle of Seachem mix for the ease of dosing. I find that the m. tenerum is not too fussy with light as my other 20L (11W) and 60L (22W) tank also have some fragments of m. tenerum and they still grow. One thing I found is that CO2 speeds up growth and also produces larger fronds. My 20L (hosting CRS) tank does not have CO2 supply and the m. tenerum grows much slower and fronds are narrower and more transparent. Overall, it is not a fussy grower but it is slow growing. Given CO2, it will grow a little faster and bigger!

Photos can be viewed in my website here:

Thank you for looking!

29th Oct 2006, 09:42 AM
Congratulations for getting pellia.

It's not easy to get those.

I have some too, actually it came with purchase of CRS.

It sort of looks like sea weed, and looks good on drift wood.