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4th Nov 2014, 10:17 PM
The tank as it currently is:

Currently I only have 3 RCH. Recently (end of August) had a problem with Tetra holiday food which killed over 80% of my shrimp overnight, mostly RCH, 3 Blue Jelly and 1 Blue Rili, as well as my 3 tetras. (we were leaving for USA early in the morning so put the block in the night before, woke up and almost everything was dead). We no longer use Tetra products. With so little shrimp, there's enough natural algae in the tank, and Sydney (my betta) gets JBL Nova Betta.

Amazingly 3 RCH shrimp survived - I think there's one female and two male. I also have a half-moon betta and a family of assassin snails.
I have a Fluval Spec 19L tank and filter.
PH: 8 (I have been concerned about this being too high, but it's not fluctuating so I'm scared to mess with it)
Temp: 75-77 degrees F - much more consistent after moving tank away from the window.
Nitrites and nitrates: 0
Ammonia has been at 0.25ppm consistently which has been bothering me. LFS recommended "Pure Aquarium" and I replaced the activated carbon part of the filter as well as the sponge itself. I have read lots on why I should or shouldn't replace the filter, but it was years old and I was worried it still had murderous food in it.

The RCH haven't been breeding at all since August, but I can't really blame them. They probably have PTSD, but amazingly they handle the betta presence well. They're starting to come out more and more, especially at night. I would like to bring in a few more females, but I want the tank to settle first.

Old Tank, before the incident.

Anyway, I am new to shrimp keeping so any advice will be gratefully received :) Thanks for looking and reading.

5th Nov 2014, 01:02 AM
Very nice, thanks for sharing!

5th Nov 2014, 03:23 AM
That's an amazing piece of DW. It has a lot of character and potential for your mossy ideas :)

8th Feb 2015, 07:24 AM
Im looking to get a 90 or larger tank. I havent seen anywhere that really stocks tanks that big her in New Jersey. Anyone have any ideas?