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11th Mar 2005, 10:59 AM
Hi guys,

We all know all shrimps need a little iodine to help develop proper or full molting but too much is harmful.

Questions regarding the iodine supplement:

Is there iodine content in Hikirai Crab food? I notice almost all Hikirai algae, carnivours and etc has almost all hikirai products has the same content breakdown printed behind and they didnt mention anything abt iodine. Went to look for Crab food at the lfs near my place and was sold out therefore was unsure. Looked at the african Cichlid food.....so far the breakdown of Tetra and Tropica never mention iodine.....which brand of Cichlid feed did u use to feed your CRS?

I tot of one iodine supp. You know there is an iodine solution(antiseptic iodine solution for cuts and wounds: Povidone-Iodine Solution ) Not sure whether it affect the Beneficial bacteria in the media.... so far i tried it for a week already no causlties not sure abt long term usage though. (safer to add one drop after every water change?) Before that I had 2 adult cherry died of improper molting can see the white shell sticking to the dead cherry and the cherry had soft body.

Do u have any problem making the vegs like thin cucmber and spinach sink?
i tied the veg to a fishing line with lead and a clip to hold it down. How do you make them sink?

d~_~p | Are you providing your shrimps enough iodine | d~_~p

Care to share you iodine supplements source???

Just some thoughts--- On some common problems we might face in the process.

11th Mar 2005, 12:03 PM

Those prepared food does not use element iodine as ingredients as iodine by itself is reactive and toixc. They use calcium iodate or organic source of iodine like shellfishes as one of the ingredients. Check out Hikari dry food, its mentions calcium iodate.

Wah, you use antiseptic iodine solution... :eek: I think a safer way is to use those prepared for marine aquarium at a much reduced dosage like 1 drop like 10litre of water, if it ever help.

To make leafy vegatable sink, I use a piece of coral chip, or can use a piece of biomedium or small pebble.

I believe the use of iodine supplement in water is only necessary if iodine is not receive enough from food and has shown incomplete moultings.