View Full Version : Wild type neocaridina mated with Amano shrimp

22nd Oct 2013, 04:39 PM
I keep diff.types of shrimps.

A few tanks have two types of shrimps that require nearly same water parameters but do not mate.

Yesterday I fed diff.tank inhabitants frozen blood worms (thawed before feeding-its a weekly treat).
Half an hour after feeding this particular shrimp tank which has Wild type neocaridina with Amano shrimps I noticed the ritual mating dance.
The neo males were circling crazily.

The amano is a young female who has never carried eggs before had a small egg sack on her back!
Suddenly one of them landed on an Amano female shrimp and mated.
She's larger compared to the male neo and tried to get him off her but wasn't successful.
I saw him mating with her for a few seconds.

I will wait and see if she has eggs under her swimerette's.
Coz if she does get pregnant it will be interesting to see if the baby shrimp/larva survive and how a cross breed bet.amano and wild type neo will turn out!

Has anyone seen or heard about such interbreeding?
I will check today to see if she carries eggs from this mating.

23rd Oct 2013, 11:42 PM
Hi Rony,

I don't think that they can crossbreed because they are different group of shrimps

24th Oct 2013, 04:12 AM
I checked her today she's not carrying eggs.