View Full Version : My crab tank

11th Sep 2013, 03:47 PM
Hi there ppl,

This is the first time that i have crabs as a pet, had one mangrove crab when i was a kid. but he did not make it to long any ho. I have been reading up a lot about VC and mandarin crabs that is the crab that i like the most at the moment. I wanted to try and build my own 3D background but it did not turn out the way i wanted. there are a lot of white spots in there so i will try and paint it next time i do it i will also lay down a thiner layer of fome. I feelīt that it was a bit to thick when i was working whit it but it was my first time. So you have to make a lot of mistakes hehe.

i also useīt a pic of wood to break land and water but i did not seal it well so the water came on to the land side, so my soil has a bit of water in it. I will let this be for now the crabs seems to like the damp soil and i donīt want to stress them out any more. In time i will get a new tank and do a andvance water fall that is one of the things to do for me.

and here are some images, enjoy.