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13th Jun 2006, 04:16 AM
Hello everyone,
maybe you have already seen my 25 litres-shrimp-tank in another thread.
The tank has got the dimensions: 25cm x 25cm x 40cm.
I'm searching since the tank was build up for the right lamp.
At that moment the tank is iluminated with a 20 Watt halogen desk lamp.
Untill now the plants are growing good. But the light is for my taste too yellow.
The plants could tolerate a few more Watts but it is so difficult to find a good illuminating.
What do you have as tanklights?
I hope you could help me and maybe you could post a few pictures of tanks with comparable dimensions and their light.
Thank you for your answers!
Kind regards

13th Jun 2006, 05:42 AM
Hi Timo,
it's hard to find good light set for such small tanks here in Germany. The only one i ever saw was made of plastic and had a 8W FL Tube (normale Leuchtstoffröhre). This lamp is quite weak.

I built my lamps for such small tanks myself. I use a 7W PL tube from the asian brand Azoo. It's quite strong and has with 7200K the right light temperature. Maybe you know this U-shaped tubes from Dulux or Osram. But their PL tubes have only 3500K or so. To use these kind of lamps you need a special electronic ballast (elektronisches Vorschaltgerät, gibt es im Elektrogroßhandel) and another part to connect the tube with the ballast. All in all it would cost you at least 30€ + the Azoo PL tube, which is hard to find.

An easier way would be to use a common 13W or 15W FL tube. I guess you know the 15W tube from the common 60cm x 30cm x 30cm tanks. You can get the 13W lamp quite cheap in construction markets (Baumärkte) but it is hard to find tubes with right light temperature. BTW, the 13W FL tube is a bit longer than the 15W tube and it is thinner.

Another possibility is to get these energy saving light bulb. They are actually just short and compact PL tubes but you can use them like normal light bulbs (Glühbirnen). They are quite cheap and you need no ballast for them. But you can't get them in a good light temperature. Even the best ones have only 4000K or so and the light is quite warm and slightly orange. For hardy plants it is enough but algae also like it a lot.

best regards


PS the text written in ( ... ) is in German because Timo's english skills are not that good yet. It should help him a bit to understand these words because they are probably new for him.

13th Jun 2006, 04:32 PM
thank you Robert for the short introduction in the world of light for such a small tank!
I have no problem with algeas, although I use aditional to the 20-watt lamp a normal 60watt light bulb-spot. That spot is not directly above the tank so not the full light power arrives in the tank.
You don't have to underline that my english is not so good! I think the other users would see it :joking:
I would yet say that here are everybody untill now very friendly and helpful!
Kind regards