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12th Jun 2006, 09:41 AM

My name is Parker, and Iíve just recently restarted my interest in these shrimp. I had a 30 planted tank a few years ago that was home to a few Amano and Cherry shrimp. Any offspring were probably taken care of by the fish in the tank so this time Iíd like to breed them and stick to shrimp only. My current setup is 5.5 gal, heavily planted with about 15 cherry shrimp between Ĺ and ĺ inch. The tank is fully cycled but the shrimp have only been there about a week. So far, they have far less color than I remember and see in other photos online. NH3, N02, are zero, NH3 is just barely present probably 1ppm or less as far as I can read. No heater but the house stays between 70-75F all the time. The only thing I think might be bothering them is how soft the water is. Both started pretty much at zero and Iíve slowly raised it to 3 degrees GH and KH. Filtration is just a sponge filter in the corner.
How long does it usually take for these guys to adapt and color up? Should I get a heater or is a daily 5F degree shift ok? I have a few females that are a little darker and showing their saddles but they are still just pink at best. Iíve offered spirulina and shrimp pellets but they just prefer grazing on the java moss. I havenít seen any deaths and they are molting just fine, but they are almost clear. Also is it possible for the tank to be too bright? Iíve got two 13watt bulbs in the hood giving about 2.5-5 watt/gal. Will it bother them if I use both bulbs (5w/gal) or should I turn off one (2.5w/gal)?
Iíve read through the archives and it has been extremely helpful. Iíd love any advice you guys could offer. Iím really glad I have a tank again!


12th Jun 2006, 09:47 PM
Hi Parker,
welcome at ShimpNow.om! I hope you will have a nice time here!

Don't worry too much about your cherry shrimps. They need time to adapt to the new conditions. Their coloration mainly depends on their mood and their age. Even in a well cycled and well planted tank they are pale sometimes. I see it in my own planted tank. It's more than a year old, the conditions are stable and the cherries live in the second or third generation in it. They are still not as red as in other tanks. Maybe the whole tank is simply to bright. In some of the darker guppy breeding tanks they look much better, although they are siblings (I exchange some specimen from time to time to add the best looking ones to the planted tank and vice versa). The conditions in the bare bottom breeding tanks are much worse because of more unstable water conditions but they still like it and also breed in them.

I recommend to use only one 13W PL tube for the tank. It's enough light and saves some energy. Observe your shrimps carefully and wait till they mature. It's normal for juvenile shrimps to be brighter colored than adults. The bloody red shrimps on pictures are mainly adults, especially older females. And even these females are often not as red as on the pictures. It depends on their mood. Little changes like a new plant with algae on it can change their mood and also their coloration drastically.

Your small cherry shrimps don't need much food. If you offer them every second or third day a bit of extra food, it's more than enough. If they don't eat the food you offered them, they still find enough food in the java moss and rest of the tank. If they are hungry, they accept almost every kind of fish food.

best regards


14th Jun 2006, 11:53 AM
Thanks for the input. I feel better about the little guys now. Iíll just keep up with my water changes and hope for shrimplets soon!


13th Jul 2006, 12:46 PM
Mine took about 2weeks to colour up. Don't worry, they just need to adapt to the new enviroment.