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28th May 2006, 06:59 AM
Lo all,

Been lurking around here for a while soaking up all the info i can find. I've been trying to breed my Amanos, have read some really good guides including Mikes machine guide. I'm having this strange problem of 95 % of the larvae dieing upon hatching almost instantly. I know they can survive in freshwater for 8 days. I have had a couple survive but we are talking about small numbers, 10 or so. The female is in a breeding trap which has a section of ladies tights stretched over it to prevent the zoes from escaping and the trap is floating in my 5 foot planted tank (I inject co2). Tank temp is 28 oc, PH is 7.4 and nitrate level is 0. I dont use RO water. The main tank has cardinals, plecs and siamese algae eaters. Cheers for any advice you can give me.

28th May 2006, 01:56 PM
Maybe you need to move the larvae to a brackish environment or move the pregnant female in order to give the larvae a chance to survive and thrive. You can set up a small hatching tank and have it ready when you need it. Good luck.

28th May 2006, 05:49 PM
Hi, I'll give this a try as ive heard of people having success this way aswell although majority of what ive read indicates that the larvae need freshwater to hatch. Maybe we are looking at regional variations in this speicies. Thanks.