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ro smith
29th Apr 2013, 12:58 PM
so I recently emptied a 36G tank, And I am debating between angelfish or some type of crayfish so I wanted some info on the different types of crays out there such as, Cherax Destructor, P. Clarkii, CPO
(I don't like marmorkrebs... I want something big and colourful!)
which ones have the best attitude, and how does mixing colours work?
like if I bred a white clarki to a red/orange, or blue to red/orange what would the offspring be like?
and if you can think of any other interesting crays that are regularly available in the US please let me know

Asphalt art
29th Apr 2013, 08:01 PM
Well, most blues you will find in pet stores will be Procambarus Alleni. Many have said Procambarus Clarkii will breed Alleni, although I never tried. If you mix (for instance) a white and a blue, you will get some blues, some whites, and a few light blues. Everything you understand about shrimp works for these guys as well. White and orange will net you ratios of white and orange, with a few odd peach colored variants. Blue and orange is a mixed bag, with some blue, some orange, some are mixed, some end up brownish with light colored tints. Most people just keep color tanks or single occupants.

There is a species known as a "RedClaw" if you are looking for vibrant colors and large size. Cherax quadricarinatus is the scientific name, and they are available in the states. Females are brilliant blue with pink stripes on the tail, while males are a jade green with several flares of color on the claws (where redclaw comes from) They are good escape artists, and some have kept them in communal, planted tanks with success. You have a pretty good sized tank, and if you have enough hiding places you could easily house 3 large adults of any species without too much fuss. They like their space, trust me. They are also efficient at going through your substrate. Imagine what your shrimp do all day, then imagine it with a cray. THey can go through a lot of substrate moving it around looking for food, even cheap heavy aquarium gravel gets tossed around by adults.

I can understand not liking Marmokrebs for several reasons. Mine is under the sole issues that will stem from a inevitable wild release.

ro smith
30th Apr 2013, 12:48 PM
thank you! I just found a dwarf species I am interested in
Cambarellus Shufeldtii7400
two species of Aegla,
A. Denticulata7396
and A. Platensis7397
and Cherax Lorentzi Male-7398
the pink is very pronounced in the females, and I think that with selective breeding it could become something astounding!
but I think I am only interested in red or white clarkii crays, but I think keeping one colour per tank is a good idea, I do however love to play with genetics!

Asphalt art
30th Apr 2013, 01:11 PM
You certainly found some of the flashier types. Lorentzi always look good with the right diet and lighting. Also be mindful that Cambarellus Shufeldtii can come in a variety of color patterns, most of them being a basic camo brown (wild coloring). I have no idea about the other two. I looked them up and I can easily say that I am not aware of them (not much a crab? person).

If you want something really creepy and odd get a Triops. Straight prehistoric creature that can give children nightmares (especially when the Triops get older and somehow manage to look even uglier lol. I think the best part is that they don't require much care, and if you don't like them they die after a few months anyways. Well, that and your substrate just became home to a large crop of eggs that can survive a drought. :bomb:

ro smith
1st May 2013, 10:10 PM
yeah, the picture of the C. Shufeldtii was acquired from the breeder, he has the wild brown/camo strain, but the indigo started popping up, and he has selectively bred it out to get that colour.
Aegla are neither a crab, nor a crayfish but some scientists say they are the major link between the two. they are rare, and rarely available, A. Denticulata is very rare, I don't think ill be getting those guys anytime soon...
I just have to wait for either the lorentzi to become available, or get the Shufeldtii, but I can't decide! I like them both so much