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4th Apr 2005, 01:57 AM

i am from germany and i canīt find pictures fromm following shrimps, that i knew what they are.

please help me by pictures or species name.

1. Neocaridina sp. Fairy blue
2. Neocaridina sp. (zebra shrimp)
3. Neocaridina sp. (zebra shrimp) "india"
4. Neocaridina sp. (rocket shrimp)
5. Palaemon sp. Blue band
6. Cardinia sp. black ghost
7. Cardinia sp. "Brown shrimp"
8. Cardinia sp. Colored
9. Neocaridina sp. (honey shrimp)
10. Cardinia sp. green spot
11. Neocaridina sp. (blue shrimp)


8th Apr 2005, 04:09 AM
Hi Renč,
I never heart of most of these names. I'm a bi skeptical if all of them are real.

The "Neocaridina sp. (zebra shrimp) 'india' " should be Caridina cf. babaulti spp. 'stripes' and looks like this:


The name "Neocaridina sp. (rocket shrimp)" is a synonym for Caridina gracilirostris de Man, 1892 which we normally call mosquito or red nose shrimp or Nashorngarnele in German. It looks like this:


The "Neocaridina sp. (blue shrimp)" should be another subspecies or just a bluish variant of Neocaridina denticulata sinsenis. The most popular color variant of this species is the cherry shrimp.

The other names I never heart before. I guess some are just trivially-names given by retailers and/or LFSs.

beste Grüße :p