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5th Mar 2013, 11:19 PM
Hi all im i newbie, tried to join before but my tablet clashes with the forum, had to get out the ye olde laptop for this :undecided.
Anyway thought id let you know i have just started a facebook group for crs for those of us that have problems with tablets and forums, i have only just started to keep cherry reds and have had s few questions that i have to ask, but cant ask on forums due to my pants tablet, i searched for a crs group that could maybe help but was unable to find a group suitable for the uk.
If any of you could join it would be great as it would be a quick and easy way to get advice, if anyone is clued up on crs i would love to invite you to the group.

This i not a shamless plug at a group but rather a cry for help... i have noticed a few people on various tropical pages asking about crs and very rarely anyone is about to help, i will be adding a link to the group for this great forum for those that can get on the forum and post ( lucky sods)

Or search for cherry red shrimp uk

This is the group please pop by and say hello :-)

Regards leanne :-)