View Full Version : moving shrimp! need help ASAP!

ro smith
23rd Jan 2013, 02:03 PM
because of a general snafu, and things beyond my control I will be moving from Portland oregon to Salt Lake City utah... I only have 2 tanks to move a 5 & 8gal. one with guppies the other shrimp. here is my main question I recently found a really good source for tiger shrimp at a very good price I currently have 2, would it be a smart idea to by them tomorrow and float them in my tank overnight with tha bag open, and then take them to utah the next day, or do you think this would be too stressful or harmful.
I did something similar on my move to Oregon from utah, with green rice shrimp, and wild Neos with minimal losses. I spent the night in Idaho and floated the bags in a tub of water with a heater...
so any insight or advice would be appreciated, but after tomorrow don't bother replying as it will have already happened...