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13th Jan 2013, 07:52 PM
Hi, im new to this forum, I've in this hobby for 2-3 years, currently i got 25 liters tank with yellow shrimp and OEBT, some pictures:
my question is, what are the possible crossbreeding with blue tiger shrimp?
and what are good crossbreeding?
i mean, does every shrimp from the caridina family can breed with them?
and if so, what shrimps from this family or another will create a nice breed after a while?

thanks for helpers

13th Jan 2013, 08:18 PM
Hi Tomer
Welcome to the shrimpnow int'l shrimpkeepers forum.

As for yr question yellow shrimps are neocaridinas and OEBT (Orange eyed blue tigers) are caridina's they do not cross breed. OEBT's crossbreed with CRS, Bee's,etc.who belong to the same family line.
Attached is a link to compatibility chart

Cross breeds not sure everyone likes them its a personal choice.

BTW its a beautiful tank a bit different than what I'm used in local forums.
Anyways did u buy the OEBT's from someone in Ashdod?
Is yr tank tap water 100% or a certain percent of RO mixed with tap water?
How long have u been keeping them together?
Any berried shrimps?
Wish u all the best and happy shrimpkeeping.

14th Jan 2013, 08:01 PM
hi rony,
i know yellow and oebt wont breed i kinda ask who will tigers breed with.. and attached some pictures from my tank..
im glad you liked it.
i bought them from a man in Jerusalem that have a lot of other kinds.
my tank is 100% tap water
they are together for like 6 months,
and i had 2-3 pregnancy with my yellow and 1 with my tiger few days ago..
and i got yellow one berried atm.

what shrimps do have?
and in what conditions?

and i wish you about the same ;)

14th Jan 2013, 10:32 PM
You must've got them from Nati from Jerusalem.
I know he has many tanks n keeps the OEBT's in tap water as well as another tank in a mix of RO n tap water.

Why do u want other shrimps to cross breed with tigers? Any special reason?
I have a few tanks with diff.kinds of shrimps but not OEBT at present.
In the past I had a 40lts tank with over 100 blue tigers.
But I sold the tank alongwith everything in it to another hobbyist coz it was getting very difficult to take care of many tanks.
I have a few tanks with CRS S-SSS,CBS, Snow white, Red rili, Fire and sakura.
I keep the shrimp in different percentages of tap water+RO depending on the shrimps.
Yellow, Red cherry, Rainbow in 100% tap water.

Strange u've had the shrimps for 6 months n barely bred the reason may be unfavorable temp.during the summer.
Now its cold may be u'll have many berried shrimps and off springs.

14th Jan 2013, 11:46 PM
first of all, you are 100% right,
i got the from Nati.
second i think absolutely right, again, the moment the temp started to drop at the beginning of the winter i got 1 bred after another..
i want to crossbreed to make more rare shrimp type to TiBee or something similar but my problem is an RO system which i dont have..
you have any photos of your shrimp tanks that i can see?
and i want to try to crossbreed OEBT with Snow white or CBS, and see whats happened.. :)
but dunno how cuz the lack of RO system and the necessary shrimps ;)