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Mr Zero
11th Jan 2013, 01:24 AM
My First Red Cherriy Shrimp only tank.
(30 gallon aquarium)

Day 1 of the Red Cherry Shrimps.


Bought the RCS from a local shrimp breeder for 500PHP (12.32 USD) for a colony of 100 RCS that is supposed to be 5PHP (0.12 USD) each. but when i got home I counted 133 individual RCS in the container and about 8-9 of these RCS are berried, great deal for me 3.75PHP (0.09 USD) each.


Here's my tank
(Picture is 1 week after the day i acquired the Red Cherry Shrimps)



You can see a bunch of RCS feeding on the bottom left of the picture.




Great news found some baby Cherry today (2 weeks after the day i acquired the Red Cherry Shrimps).. ive seen about 8, pretty sure there's more hiding somewhere in the tank. here's one of them in a shot glass with a ruler underneath.


Sadly i had caught 9 damselfly nymph larvae in my tank, i hope they did not ate some of my shrimplets and i hope i caught all the larvae.

Any comments or feedback's +/- will be appreciated.


29th Jun 2013, 05:31 AM
I liked the layout.

My planted tank also has damselfly nymphs. One of them even became adult in the tank !!

22nd Jul 2013, 01:08 AM
what do you feed them?

13th Aug 2013, 02:41 PM
RCS eat algae as their staple diet but they are omnivores in nature. they can eat fish pellets and flakes but ideal supplemental food would be algae wafers or blanched veggies such as spinach or cucumber or locally named pipino. don't overfeed them. Shrimps do die because of overfeeding. I would suggest feeding them once or twice a week. Good luck :-)

nice setup :-). since you are using an overhead filter. I would suggest placing a sponge filter at the intake of the powerhead. your shrimplets will be pureed if you do not.