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25th Sep 2012, 10:51 AM
Hi all! Very glad I found this forum, lots of valuable info here. I think of myself as semi-experienced aquarist but always interested in learning more from the experts. Iím just about to reach the start of AARP target audience and have had freshwater fish tanks since I was a child.

Iím currently cycling a 10 gallon talk, black sand, planted with a sponge filter and a piece of Mopani driftwood. Iím considering starting a CRS community. From what Iíve read keeping fish with shrimp is offering up yummy treats, and the shrimp spend more time hiding, so I'm thinking shrimp only.

My question Ė if the shrimp community is successful, how do you keep the population from becoming overstocked? Iíve had fish that have had fry but very few survived due to predation so Iíve never had to worry about what to do with too many fish. If the shrimp have no predators in the tank how do owners deal with multitudes of shrimp that might result?

Thanks for any suggestions!

26th Sep 2012, 07:51 AM
Quite a few people, including me, sell surplus stock to either pet stores or other hobbyists and friends.