View Full Version : How long?

21st Sep 2012, 10:28 AM
Hello everyone, this is my first post around here, i have been keeping RCS for around 10 months, i started with 15 and right now i have over 200, they have been breeding a lot but around a month ago i changed the substrate and since then i havent got any more shrimplets i havent even seen sadles anymore, so my question is, is it normal? and if it is, how log should it take for them to start breeding again? :huh:

Blue Falcon
21st Sep 2012, 11:52 AM
As long as the water parameters are still fine, they should start breeding again in no time. Maybe they are just getting used to their new substrate. Also, it may take a few weeks for bacteria and micro organisms (food) to start growing on the gravel again. Just let your ecosystem balance back out and be patient. They will breed again soon. My red cherries are on strike right now because I just downgraded them into a smaller tank (tank cracked) so hopefully just be patient and give them some time.