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18th Sep 2012, 02:59 AM
hey guys after a year of keeping these little guys in various scenarios i just wanted to share my experience.

first off i love these little critters. owning and raising them has been an absolute delight. I've bred various fish in the past and although i have been given way more headaches with shrimp i have enjoyed them infinity more. i take time every day to just sit and watch them forage and swim around :D.

starting out i used treated tap water in a 5g bare bottom tank with a sponge filter and small piece of drift wood with java moss held on using fishing line. i purchased 4 oebt all males :/. i didn't know much about shrimp at the time having never raised them before. i did not acclimate them to the waters before adding them to the tank. ACCLIMATE YOUR SHRIMP!! i had to learn the lesson the hard way and although they all appeared happy i woke up the following mourning to find 2 of my new babies completely dead and redder then lobsters......so i went out and bought 2 more. these ones i did acclimate and everything turned out fine. i fed these 4 shrimp bleached spinach once every 2 weeks (what they could eat in 2 hours max). i also fed them fish flaces once a week. 3 weeks later i decided to add sand for substrate, witch resulted in my shrimp turning very light in color. they did seem to be much happier with some substrate. 50% water changes were preformed twice a week.
parameter am0/ni0/na5/ph7.8-8/gh12/kh12/temp7.6
lived this way for 2 months zero casualties.

a few months later i purchased a nano fluval tank and placed an extra matured sponge filter into it. my shrimp were acclimated to the tank 2 weeks later. the new tank used treated tap water and had a sponge filter, almond leaves, driftwood, java moss, a stone, breeder logs, fluval satrume and a stem plant that's name i can not recall. the new substrate caused the shrimp to turn allot darker then before. the shrimp seemed much happier and with so much going on the shrimp were constantly busy. i fed my shrimp bleached spinach once every 2 weeks and 4 pellets of fluval shrimp food once a week. 50% water changes were preformed twice a week.
parameter am0/ni0/na5/ph7.8-8/gh12/kh12/temp7.6
my shrimp lived in this tank for 7 months zero casualties.

i knew i wanted a colony more then anything and the moment my aquarium store finally got some more oebt in i purchased 7 of them. i acclimated them to my tank by placing them in a clean container with the water they came in followed by inserting a drip from the housing tank so that they would acclimate over a couple of hours. they all survived the transfer. i still fed my shrimp blenched spinach and fluval shrimp pellets but i upped the intake to every second day. having read many articles about oebt at this point i decided to change over to R/O water and purchased a RODI device a few weeks later. water changes were now containing a mix of 50/50 treated tap and R/O. this way the tank would slowly change to a complete 50/50 over time. the very next day after the R/O change i found that one of my females was now berried. 50% water changes were preformed twice a week.
parameters to my tank have now changed to am0/ni0/na5/ph7.2-7.4/gh3/kh3/temp 76.
3 of my adult shrimp started to pass on 2 weeks later they all turned a bit lighter before dying and lost control of there limbs so that all they could do was breath and flap there tails before death. i was not completely worried because i knew that oebt only live about a year and they were probably around that time by now. a couple weeks later 3 of my new oebt died but never on the same day.

trying to figure out the cause of death i stumbled upon shrimp illnesses and decided that they were not the case, for my shrimp were nowhere near the amount of pail the shrimp i have seen with illnesses were. as well the limbs and whiskers were completely intact. i found out that fluvals shrimp pellet contain copper sulfate and decided that i would switch them off onto crab crusine and algae flaces. i also added cuprisorb to remove any copper that could possibly exist. i purchased 6 new oebt. acclimated them and they survived. during the first week i tried to feed them some blenched organic zuchinii and they didn't go for it so i assumed that they must have been over fed.i removed the zuchinii from the tank. i didn't feed them that day and not until 2 nights later did i try. i placed a small amount of algea flace into the tank and although they did all go for it a couple had there own rather large peaces that they kept to themselves. the next mourning 2 died... overfeeding? i dont know..... maybe.

i have now decided to change back to my original feeding once to twice a week. in my experience once you fined something that works do not change anything :P. change has only brought me headaches; however through it all i will always love these shrimp.

18th Sep 2012, 12:39 PM
Thanks for sharing your experience.

I have been having the same problems as you. My OEBT colony have been decreasing in size. I started with 10 shrimps, and it has dwindled to 4 shrimps in approximately 10 mos. Some do get berried and hatch their eggs, but many of the babies do not survive; leaving with one or two baby shrimps. Like you, I still love looking and collecting them, but I haven't had much success in breeding them.

I have tried changing water more frequently, then less frequently, added corral chips, different types of food etc, but they still do not look as happy as my other types of shrimps. Then again, I think this is part of the fun of the hobby so I just enjoy it.

Thanks again for sharing