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25th Aug 2012, 03:16 AM
Hi all,

i will be planning to do some work on my shrimp tank this weekend and wondered if anyone had advice to share.

My 5.5 gallon tank will be upgraded to a 20 gallon tank. The substrate and all filters (1 sponge, 1 hagen mini internal filter) will be moved along with the livestock:CRS/PFR/snow white crystals. The plan is to move all livestock to a temporary container while everything is transferred from the old to the new, then add the livestock to the new tank.

Secondly, i will be adding a new Aquaclear 70 Hang on back filter but didnt know if this should be done now or several weeks later.

Alternatively, i have a Aquaclear 50 on another fish tank that i thought about moving to the new 20 gallon so that it would be seeded with bacteria and cause less impact while installing the new aquaclear 70 on the other tank. Between the two tanks, i felt the fish would be more resilient to change than the shrimp so this second option seemed safer to do.

Any advice here would be appreciated.

25th Aug 2012, 03:46 AM
Use as much of the Water from the old tank as you can . And don't forget a cover on the HOB intake they chew up expensive shrimp for lunch when they are hungry . Also take the used filter material from the 50 and add it to the 70 so you don't need to keep messing with the parameters . Or at least thats what I would do .

25th Aug 2012, 04:05 AM
Much appreciated Reefdive! Im doubly careful because i have a WineRed in the tank. The upgrade is overdue as the water parameters in the 5.5 did fluxuate and they needed a more stable tank environment. Fingers crossed!

The tank has Fluval Shrimp stratum and im not crazy about it but i don't have any options on changing it out at the moment.

25th Aug 2012, 04:18 AM
Someone quoted Ron at Alpha - Pro as saying he used the black flourite sand and humic acid for his CRS . Not sure if that's including his TB's . I have been using the large size akadama with great success and have found a source for the regular grain red line but it is $75 shipped . I am getting some and covering the large grain as I hate catching shrimp between the cracks . I does however work great for baby shrimp to hide in . Just make sure there is some natural food for them in there