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3rd Aug 2012, 11:28 PM

I decide to start a new rili project. I was took into a new little tank one female yellow rili and a male red rili. I wonder how does the offsprings look like, what do you think? (In my opinion they will be wild rilis green-brown with glassy rili pattern.)
Here are the couple:

4th Aug 2012, 03:40 AM
If the caracter that gives the yellow color to you shrimp works as recesive you'll have 100% shrimplets with red color but yellow genotipe inside, so in second generation you'll get half of each other from those f1 and their yellow parent or 25% yellow and 75% red if you just use the f1 shrimplets.

I found a 3 yellow-orange shrimps inside the sakura red tank, and depurate an independent line from them, You can read a complet study about that subjet in my blog, translation is througt google translate, hope is good enougth, this is the link.


It depends really, about the kind of gen you are working with, color normal is a fact of dominat or recesive, kind of color, amount is other thing, is like in human color of hear or tallness, both are gens but same of the are quantity gens and other quality gens.

5th Aug 2012, 08:22 PM
Hy Cyrus!

Yes indeed. Im only off the top of my head write about the wild color. Interesting if you take a custom red cherry and a custom yellow fire they offspring will be wild colored (cross breeding charts). So i think it works with rilis too. Your blog is awesome! Congratulations about your orange sakuras.

5th Aug 2012, 08:40 PM
Really I didn't cross sakuras with orange, what it has happened exactly is that inside the population of red sakura one day they appeared 3 yellow-orange shrimps (yellow body orange dots), 1 of them was female and the other male.
After that I separate them from the sakura, trying to have same shrimplets just from them, firstable to have more and to be sure that is was a recesive gen or any kind of mutation aleatori.
During the time they where alone, the female was carring eggs and everything was looking to be perfect, but I had a bacterial infection in the tanks, maybe because of temperature, and I losted the female and one of the males.
So after that, the only point I could play with, was beleive directly that it was a recesive gen, and try to duplicate with parents or brothers.
So I took the female I thougth it was her mother and all the shrimps with the same size from the sakura tank, and leave them together in an independent tank, the first one that was carring eggs was the female I thougth was her mother.
From those shrimplets I found at least 10 identical than the father.
What it means that I was playing with a recesive gen, at level genotipe in the mother and at level fenotipe in the male, that's why I had 2:1 sakura red and yellow-orange from the cross R1
Here you have a video that explains it but in spanish...

Babys from cross R1










That doesn't mean that all the orange or yellow are recesive gen infront sakura or cherry, but the ones I have at home are, because of the results is evident, I didn't try crossing with other out of the line I have at home.

5th Aug 2012, 10:13 PM
Yes, i see. I'm getting excited, how will look like the offspring.

6th Aug 2012, 11:03 PM
Do you think the rili pattern (clear middle) is a recessive trait?

I've never gotten browns out of a blue rili x RCS/PFR cross, but I guess that's cause the original rilis came from RCS.

7th Aug 2012, 05:23 AM
Rilli is a dominant trait, not recessive, but red Rilli x Yellow will not give red/split yellow , but green, more or less rilli, split red and yellow

7th Aug 2012, 06:08 PM
No the rili pattern is not recessive trait. The question is which kind of descent will be: intermedier descent or dominant-recessive descent. Unfortunately the female not berried yet.

14th Aug 2012, 04:02 PM
In mines, intermediers (more red than pure Rilli), but i like it. And i cross these more red issues with a pure Rilli, and pure Sakura. Two lines. The goal could be CRS looking like Rilli (but white is not actually as white as CRS, unfortunately).

15th Aug 2012, 12:54 AM
Yes my yellow rilis are intermedier too. The CRS patterned rili would be cool.
Otherwise I was added a pregnant yellow rili to this tank, she came from my mixed tank (sakura-yellow-rcs-wild type-white pearl and several selected yellow rili). Because I dont know which kind of shrimp was the fater, so the babies will be suprise.