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  1. Neocaridina palmata
  2. Two color variations of Red Cherry Shrimp?
  3. New form Neocaridina cf. zhangjiajiensis "Cool White Pearl" from polish keeper
  4. Rili (琉璃蝦): new and exciting shrimp
  5. Blue Rili
  6. Orange Fire - New color variation of neocaridina heteropoda?
  7. Yellow Rili?
  8. Yellow Fire Neon
  9. My Blue Perl shrimps
  10. Yellow Fire Neon
  11. is it a rili ?
  12. Black Cherry Shrimp? [Fire Black Shrimp]
  13. Purple Neocaridina Heteropoda!
  14. Details on Sakura, Sakura Fire Red, Taiwan Fire Red cherry shrimp
  15. red cherry or rilli shrimps?
  16. Sakura Royal Blood
  17. Blue pearl X Cherry
  18. Red Cherry babies
  19. Mutate from Neocaridina Species
  20. Neocaridina "white tiger" help
  21. Cherry shrimp is blue?
  22. new neocaridina heteropoda color variations
  23. Please help with shrimp ID Wine red and Black neocaridina/caridina with yellow eyes?
  24. What is a "rili" shrimp?
  25. Rili Shrimp
  26. Neocaridina heteropoda "Black Zebra".
  27. N. heteropoda: its originality, mutations, and similiar but different color strain.
  28. New Neocaridina heteropoda color morph
  29. Taiwan Fire Red Shrimp - When to cull?
  30. Selective breeding Neocaridina and how large can the get
  31. Comparing Cherry-Sakura-SakuraChampion
  32. How to grade Rili Shrimp?
  33. Red cherrys
  34. How Red should Sakura Shrimp be?
  35. Culling Cherries
  36. Blue pearl & Yellow fire shrimps together... will they cross?
  37. Red rili shrimp
  38. Cherry shrimp ID please
  39. Red Fire Shrimp
  40. blue eyed cherry?
  41. rili question
  42. Cherry Shrimplets Feeding
  43. is it a new varian color of cherry ?
  44. Neocaridina Heteropoda Genetic
  45. neocaridina heteropoda Yellow & REd
  46. Neocaridina rule!
  47. Yellow Fires
  48. Grading color variation's of Heterapoda
  49. New Blue Variant of Neocaridina heteropoda
  50. My yellow fire shrimp are dying!!!
  51. New morph or old news?
  52. new variant of blue pearl and new green shrimp......(warning big bandwidth)
  53. New mutate color of Fire Red Adult to ... Alpha Centauri !
  54. Breeding Fire Red Shrimp
  55. Can RCS be striped?
  56. Red Cherry shrimp colour
  57. Neocaridinas in CRS water paramters
  58. Fire Red Cannot Live with Cherry Red?
  59. Rili's time between molts?
  60. How do we differentiate a very good red Malaya from Fire Red or Painted Fire Red???
  61. Red Rili, Blue Rili, Blue pearl, or Yellow shrimp?
  62. Redish Cherry !
  63. Mineral rock for rili&pfr?
  64. Rili shrimp
  65. Help on ID of this Shrimp (Blue Pearl or Aura Blue)
  66. my blue rili shrimp
  67. Vitamin C in tank???
  68. I have baby shrimps!!
  69. RCS Pic.
  70. a couple shots of my orange sunkist sakura shrimp
  71. My freshwater fire red shrimp was infected by these creatures!
  72. MY Fire Red Shrimp Tank from Hong Kong
  73. Problem with new Rili red shrimp
  74. My Cherries enjoying a spinach leaf :0)
  75. My Cherry "Breeders"
  76. Blue pearl hybrids?
  77. Rili pattern or grading system?
  78. Blue or Yellow
  79. Honeycomb rocks OK for yellows?
  80. Cherry Shrimp in Bangkok - This is the color I was saying
  81. Yellow Shrimp Variant
  82. Dark cherrys with black on ?.
  83. Beginnings of orange sakura shrimp?
  84. Water changes with berried females??
  85. Yellow and orange rili...show them off
  86. blue silk shrimp
  87. Blue Pearl shrimp in the UK ?.
  88. Ok What now?
  89. Cherry shrimp lost saddle but no eggs?
  90. Optimum temp for breeding CRS?
  91. Revision of neocaridina species?
  92. Black Rilis?
  93. I got the pickiest rcs ever
  94. Simple question about breeding RCS
  95. What are these?
  96. My Cherry
  97. Is this a blue pearl?
  98. Backcrossing neocardinas?
  99. blue jelly shrimp
  100. Anyone heard of jet black Cherry's ?
  101. Wondering
  102. Amber pearl
  103. My neo collection
  104. Cherry shrimp breeding but not getting berried?
  105. Rili Tricolor
  106. RCS berried shrimp
  107. My first baby rcs shrimp!
  108. Shrimp ID help...dark reddish/purple RCS?
  109. verifying how old RCS
  110. rili shrimp: fenbendazole poisoning or disease?
  111. RCS not looking too happy after water change
  112. blue rili do not show
  113. My Cherry, Red Rili Shrimp
  114. Too many eggs
  115. Yellow rili x normal yellow
  116. My Neocaridina cf. Heteropoda var. Red with white dot.
  117. RCS Size ...?
  118. Fire Red Shrimp
  119. Identification help
  120. Heteropoda Green Made in Italy by tek86
  121. How to differentiate between Wild Cherry Shrimp and Malayan Shrimp
  122. New rili patern
  123. Selective breeding new strains
  124. Yellow rili
  125. Fullajtar's yellow rili
  126. Baby Shrimp!!!
  127. My RCS wont breed after 1 year plus...
  128. Also, my reds won't get berries
  129. Some sharing for my little humble shrimp tank
  130. New rili project
  131. Black Blue Rili Mutation
  132. Red Rili
  133. Female RCS swims all over the tank from time to time
  134. RCS blue mutation?
  135. questions about blue rili
  136. New line finally?
  138. what shrimp to house with RCS?
  139. How long?
  140. RCS molt problem?
  141. Some of my shrimps
  142. Oops, may have to put red and blue neocardinas in same tank....
  143. My Neocaridina Heteropoda Breeding Tanks
  144. Breeding colors
  145. Sakura shrimp tank
  146. Red Rili shrimps tank
  147. Can someone help me out here?
  148. my tank
  149. breeding
  150. question regard my rili shrimps
  151. What is the "blue jelly shrimp"?
  152. RCS/Orange cherry shrimp dying
  153. Difference between Orange Sakura Shrimp vs Orange Pumpkin Shrimp
  154. Adding shrimp to a 29 gal. community tank
  155. My 18 litres tank with yellow neo's
  156. How to sex Fire red shrimp?
  157. Are these Amano or Red Cherry shrimp?
  158. RCS disfigured after getting sucked by water filter.... will he recover?
  159. Baby Deaths
  160. Where to get Neocaridina wild form?
  161. Finished setting up my first shrimp breeding tank, Now shrimp selection- Advice me?
  162. I have baby shrimp!!
  163. Co2 and Lighting Malfuntion and DISASTER!
  164. Neocaridina denticulata denticulata color variety
  165. Red cherry shrimp acting strange
  166. Favorite Neocaridina?
  167. Sick red rili shrimp. Porcelain disease?
  168. Do cherry shrimp colour up with age or they are born the colour they'll be
  169. PFR dying off but not the CBS, WHY?
  170. Supreme Red
  171. Blue Jelly Shrimp for sale UK
  172. Neocaridina blue - crossbreeding - question/advice
  173. Supreme Red dying and a Supreme Red changing to a blueish color
  174. Neocaridina heteropoda - wild formů truly wild or just a brownish shrimp? A proposal
  175. Cherry / Sakura shrimps in Beijing or China (mainland) ?
  176. Berried rili care?
  177. Water parameters
  178. Carbon Rili Shrimp
  179. Breeding fire red or blue rilli shrimp
  180. 2nd Gen Rili Shirmp
  181. Bought 6 cherries but suspect a fire red among them
  182. Blueberries had babies
  183. N. Heteropoda Orange color enhancer?
  184. Blue Rili and Fire Red shrimp
  185. Moje Sakury
  186. RCS attacking each other
  187. Pink speckling on cherry shrimp
  188. Lightning Blue Rili
  189. RCS Tank
  190. Green things probing out of my fire red
  191. Orange Sakura x Red Sakura ?
  192. Shrimplet food~~~?
  193. Neocaridina Davidi Red Rili
  194. shrimpies guppies and plecos
  195. Painted fire red shrimp color ?
  196. Yellow neon feeding on RCS
  197. Neocaridina davidi "yellow" x Sakura Red rili
  198. Sexing shrimp
  199. Newbie question.
  200. neon tetra in Red Cherry shrimp tank?
  201. Wild type neocaridina mated with Amano shrimp
  202. Shirmp dying
  203. Newbie with a Shrimplet
  204. Single Egg Preg? Yellow Shrimp
  205. Orange Neo's berried
  206. Alpha Pro Breeders Dream Bue Neos
  207. Blue Bolt-ish Neo
  208. Has anyone ever seen this?
  209. Cherries Going Black..
  210. Orange red cherry shrimp?
  211. Berried Yellow Neocaridina
  212. My shrimp crack open and die!?
  213. my shrimp gender?
  214. Yellow fire neon, white spots under the shell, parasite, fangous or bactieria?
  215. Ideal water parameters for Neocaridina davidi
  216. Red Cherry Shrimp Death
  217. What's this green stuff some of my RCS have on their pleopods?!
  218. help... mystery death in my fire red tank
  219. Fire shrimps dying daily (diease ?)
  220. New Member Fire Red Shrimp
  221. neocaridina davidi exoskeleton
  222. Blue pearl shrimp dying
  223. Nevermind
  224. The Weirdest Thing Happened!
  225. White Circle on my Red Cherry
  226. My shrimp problem ... Molt next day dead ....
  227. Minerals needs for shrimps.
  228. Best soil for Neocaridina