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  1. HELP ! Beginning of hydra & planaria attack
  2. Bamboo shrimp fighting
  3. Strange Creature
  4. pine cones
  5. Water?
  6. Exhibition tank setup (how to do it)
  7. HELP cherry shrimp deathes
  8. Putting different species together.
  9. Chinese water plant activated soil ?
  10. Puttin ice
  11. Shrimp in check in luggage
  12. Shrimp breeding and photo-peroid
  13. snowball in singapore
  14. 3 Questions
  15. Pms ?
  16. Colours of Eggs
  17. amazing new discovery banna roots for shrimp
  18. Starting a brand new tank
  19. help needed
  20. please help with cherries
  21. Electricity ...how much do you pay ??
  22. Good Books
  23. amano shrimp vs algae eating shrimp
  24. something in my tank
  25. Temasek Shrimps
  26. Red antenna
  27. flying fox (Epalzeorhynchos kalopterus)
  28. What am I doing wrong? Shrimp won't berry... grrr
  29. Hi temp Shrimp
  30. mixing shrimps???
  31. Youtube vids
  32. Clear Red cherry shrimp babies ?
  33. shrimp die off :(
  34. Algae Eating fish with shrimp?
  35. cardina babaulti 'green' breeding
  36. Storing R/O water ?
  37. Please Help! My Pregnant Shrimp
  38. Behavior of Different Dwarf Shrimp?
  39. saddle but no males?
  40. Pregnant shrimp
  41. Sakura Babies Coloration
  42. Top Shrimp Collection !
  43. Would this work to kill planaria ?
  44. Shrimp wont move after molting ?
  45. Clown Killifish and CRS
  46. Brine shrimp
  47. The best shrimp tank filtration system ideas please
  48. Biofilm
  49. Is it safe to use "No Planaria"?
  50. Baby shrimplets survival
  51. Suggestions needed for 1.5g mini shrimp tank
  52. Adding substrate to a shrimp tank that's already in use ?
  53. MIni RCS gallery
  54. Can shrimp change eye colour instantly ?
  55. How to introduce shrimp
  56. Soil Color and suitable Shrimps
  57. Quick breeding question, not the usual question (writing a paper for class)
  58. Help with Cherry Shrimp... one by one they die
  59. New shrimps : Babaulti Malaya
  60. [ASK] how often can a male cherry mate
  61. New Owner of CRS- yes, a noob who started with some S Grade...(face palm)
  62. When can you give your shrimp line a dedicated name?
  63. Mopani Wood-What's your opinion?
  64. Flourish comprehensive with Shrimps?
  65. Shipping of shrimps
  66. Very Small Worms in tank, might not be planaria?
  67. very colorless
  68. Shrimp swimming to one corner of tank?
  69. Bee shrimp biotope
  70. AICAR - Italian Association of Caridina !!! Breaking News !!!
  71. Shrimp 'safe' tubifex control
  72. Fire Red Shrimp Mama Molted.. Eggs Still On The Molted Shell..!
  73. Breeding Red Nose (Rudolph) Shrimps
  74. Cherry shrimp acting strange
  75. Photographs for the Specie List wanted!
  76. Sakura Selection
  77. Yellow shrimp droping eggs
  78. Ghost Shrimp Eating plants ??
  79. Red bee sand help please
  80. Xmant's Seed Shrimp Trap
  81. Help! Book about fish, plants and amphibians
  82. new here and have a question
  83. Question about my new tank
  84. one newb question
  85. Red Cherry Shrimp Nitrates & Feeding Question
  86. Amano shrimp
  87. Normal Shipping or Express Shipping?
  88. CRS and spotted blue eyes
  89. Cherry shimplets look more orange...
  90. My Biggest Mistake
  91. Planning on going Saltwater.
  92. Royal Mail & Sending Shrimp
  93. Weather Impacts on Shrimp in Tanks?
  94. Painted Fire Red Eggs
  95. breeding blue pearl with red cherry
  96. shrimp fry appearing below the soil
  97. Hydra in the tank
  98. Crossing yellow neon fire with rilis?
  99. Lucky Bamboo Plant lethally TOXIC to Shrimp (bye bye my CRS!)
  100. Yo ! shrimp from Apistoworld
  101. Neocaridina heteropoda bred colors?
  102. Fluval Shrimp Stratum(review after almost 1 year of use)
  103. Abbreviations and meanings
  104. H.E.L.P. Advanced soil, anybody knows?
  105. Netlea Crystal Shrimp vs Ada Aquasoil Amazonia
  106. Any Newbie jump onto the expensive shrimp bandwagon straight away??
  107. Types of AKADAMA soil
  108. Diversity in Shrimp Keeping?
  109. Saddled for 5 days
  110. First molt in new tank!
  111. Are you a breeder ??
  112. What do you do with a dead shrimp in the tank ?
  113. How long does moulting process take?
  114. Bug in my tank. ID if possible please!
  115. Why do you rear shrimps? ;)
  116. What's difference between Aquasoil Amazonia I and II?
  117. whatshrimps are easiest and most prolific?
  118. most popular shrimp?
  119. Shrimp Stocking Levels
  120. JBL Manado soil
  121. Algae growth on glass
  122. Capping soil and another question
  123. CPO and CRS...
  124. Red fire shrimp and Black Bee shrimp
  125. Moving pregnant Amano shrimp?
  126. color enhancers and selective breeding
  127. Is this infusoria in my tank?
  128. Tank mates for crs
  129. Help Please!
  130. When calling it your own line?
  131. yellow shrimp - fluorescent stripe down the back
  132. Can shrimp really die from overfeeding?
  133. Cherry breeding age?
  134. Some questions about crossing yellow fire
  135. fire red and cherry
  137. 2 Tails Panda Shrimp
  138. line down male cherries backs?
  139. can shrimp get fat?
  140. technic soil
  141. hulk shrimp and tri colored
  142. collecting shrimp to move
  143. Wild Neocaridina heteropoda in USA?
  144. My baby sakura
  145. should I mix sakura with fire red cherry shrimp
  146. Mosura BT-9 Effect on CRS
  147. Newb Checklist
  148. Neocaridina Zhangjiajiensis vs Heteropoda Color Intensity
  149. CO2 Injection?
  150. CBS turning tri-color
  151. alternative to black substrate?
  152. A worried novice CRS keeper
  153. Filters and water flow
  154. Are our shrimps color blind?
  155. Metal suitable for use in fish tank?
  156. cherry shrimp playing possum?
  157. Uninterruptible Power Supplies, anyone?
  158. My Nano Tank and give me your opinion
  159. Amano Shrimp & Mini Pellia
  160. is my tank over populated
  161. Shipping shrimp/How long of a shipping time....
  162. 2nd week into cycle
  163. Shrimp tolerant of high ph hard water
  164. Stocking density
  165. Shrimps shipment delayed
  166. Fluval Stratum Substrate Update
  167. shrimp mating pictures
  168. Shrimp Maturation...Age OR Size dependent?
  169. Eggs
  170. TDS's do i need them?
  171. Are Nematodes harmful to shrimps?
  172. 12-15 liter tank to Crystal red shrimps
  173. Newbie confused about the substrate debate
  174. Shrimp/Crab books
  175. Taking Shrimp Pictures
  176. Are some types of algae more nutritious? Could it effect shrimplet numbers?
  177. Fossil Shrimps
  178. Question about shimplets
  179. HELP! Broken Tank!
  180. Question on aeration of tank
  181. Shrimp Size
  182. anyone using ozon system ?
  183. Ideal temperature for Caridina cf. breviata?
  184. Awaiting my shrimp delivery...
  185. substrate
  186. Topping up of ADA 2 soil to existing tank.
  187. Boraras brigittae dying.
  188. Starting CRS tank.
  189. 2 berried RCS died
  190. Need help --- few questions about my current set up
  191. Shrimpnow Desktop Calender 2012 Calendar????
  192. Dont know what happen?
  193. RCS or BPS? to pair with CRS
  195. Shrimp in same tank without breeding with each other
  196. Newbie Opae Ula owner in Singapore
  197. I have some questions
  198. who all is from us and what shrimp to you breed
  199. Indian Almond/Catappa leaves....
  200. Breeding Lines
  201. When to cull?
  202. Shrimp Deaths Explained (Bacterial Infections)
  203. Coloration Theory in c. cantonenis
  204. Ph in Akadama tank...
  205. Process of egg to shrimplet
  206. Hawaiian Red Shrimp not living the lifestyle "they" say they should
  207. IS it safe to add small glass figures into tank
  208. How to stop shrimps breeding?
  209. Corydora's seeking out shrimplets!
  210. this hair looking algae............help
  211. Overfishing the wild shrimp (Super Princess Bee)
  212. How much and how to feed
  213. Green algae with bubbles
  214. how strong should the water flow be?
  215. Shrimps and snails
  216. Little eyes !
  217. New tank 6 gal rimless, what do i set it up for?
  218. Shrimp tank mates for Cherries that would do well in 8.0 pH, 10 dGH water?
  219. 150 gallon shrimp pond?
  220. California heat
  221. Golden Bee Shrimp
  222. shrimp is deform! what to do?
  223. Crossocheilus siamensis Siamese algae eaters shrimp safe?
  224. Dissapointing Sand
  225. Caridina Japonica breeding
  226. Customs sized my shrimp!
  227. Reassessing older ideas about low order shrimp
  228. where to get books, magazines and posters of shrimps?
  229. Hi everyone! A few quick questions
  230. Where do planaria come from??
  231. LFS in hongkong
  232. Mixing shrimps
  233. Shrimp Behavior
  234. I guess my new RCS did not like the shipping water
  235. Shrimplet size after moulting
  236. brown slim/algae looking stuff.......
  237. what kind of ceramic rings can be used inside the aquarium
  238. Red Cherry Shrimp "strange" behaviour?
  239. Is 78-80F (25-27C) ok for some cardinia species?
  240. Moving My Shrimp
  241. What is this and shrimp Q
  242. Vietnam Trip
  243. Red Cherry Shrimp Birth
  244. did you seen something like that in your tanks.
  245. I like Coffee ;)
  246. Shrimp Tank help
  247. First Mini Breeding Success
  248. Worms in sand
  249. shrimp eggs :) what now?
  250. Heat pack in a plastic bag?