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  1. No Planaria
  2. Pregnant females crs molt?
  3. CRS water parameters
  4. Blue tiger
  5. CRS safe plants
  6. FW Shrimp to Marine
  7. Mixing red cherries and yamato shrimps
  8. breeding yamato shrimps
  9. CRS and fan shrimps?
  10. General shrimp question
  11. Colouration and lightining
  12. Baby Shrimp Visibility
  13. GH and TDS are they the same?
  14. long nose shrimp
  15. Lamps UVA-UVB
  16. invertebrates & fertilizers
  17. Tankmates for Ghost Shrimp
  18. Unusual creatures inhabited my shrimp heaven
  19. CO2 vs. O2
  20. Does anyone keep Otto Cats with there shrimp?
  21. US States regulation laws
  22. Open top rimless or traditional?
  23. Newbie Shrimper
  24. Utricularia graminifolia and shrimp
  25. Do Cherry Shrimp need a LOT of light to breed???
  26. Mosura Shi Zhen Spotted
  27. Tank cycle questions
  28. considering getting into shrimp
  29. Different ways of getting rid of algae so far.
  30. Which is the best?!?
  31. pictures crossbreeding Heteropoda
  32. Feeding shrimp
  33. Cross Breed
  34. Caridina small survival
  35. spanish shrimps
  36. Cherry red shrimp eggs
  37. My amazing color changing cherry reds
  38. sexing heteropoda shrimp
  39. getting rid of worms
  40. Do we need an International Shrimp Breeder Association?
  41. White form stick onto my rubber
  42. Mangrove roots
  43. Is it ok to remove bellied shrimp and put it in a tank by itself?
  44. Good tankmate (shrimp) to go with Blue Pearls
  45. Using fishing sinkers aka weights to hold down drift wood - safe?
  46. What specie am I?
  47. Which shrimp should I choose?
  48. Filters + ?
  49. how should i keep my water cleaner ?
  50. Eggs without mother......
  51. South east asia competition
  52. Could I see some hybrids please ?
  53. Almond Leaves
  54. Beaufortia kweichowensis safe for crs tank?
  55. How to capture shrimps?
  56. what shrimps will interbreed
  57. Gravelit and Shrimp
  58. snowball shrimps
  59. Starting tips?
  60. strange conductivity in the tank
  61. Need ID , Thanks in advance
  62. Mosquito larvae problem
  63. Boiling My Shrimps
  64. Trigger to moult
  65. Shrimps dig holes in the sand
  66. Size of newborn cherries
  67. Bee Shrimp Breeding
  68. RCS and CRS live on different tank levels
  69. Hydras
  70. Identify this?
  72. itchy fingers! WTB Betta
  73. Brownish Snowballs ?
  74. Shrimp Feeding
  75. Getting rid of Snails?
  76. shrimp keepers abbreviations
  77. Mass Death!!!!!!!!
  78. Newbie and help needed!
  79. bug attack ~
  80. Which nano fish is safest?
  81. Pseudomugil gertrudae (Blue Eye Spotted Rainbow) and shrimp
  82. compatibility question
  83. Starry shrimp and inhabitants
  84. Fertilisation by a Male or Mulitiple Males?
  85. can anyone help me out here
  86. Guess what black shrimps?
  87. CRS tank with ferts?
  88. breeding~
  89. Looking for quick answers
  90. Painted Fire Red
  91. My First Pregnant Snowball
  92. Acclimatization, how long ?
  93. Ph assimilation
  94. are Kuhli loaches is this my solution?
  95. Why do they loose their eggs ?
  96. Akadama Double Red line
  97. Practical Fishkeeping: Freshwater Shrimps
  98. Golden Bee Shrimp - Sexing Issue
  99. Good plants withs shrimps
  100. Mosura mineral plus 300ml
  101. Shrimp Soil List
  102. I.D requested please.
  103. please help..does using diy c02 + dosing flourish will kill my shrimps?
  104. Berried shrimps float to water surface
  105. Hair algae
  106. Yellow shrimp turned green
  107. Breeding shrimps without any moss/plants?
  108. baby orange shrimp what kind is it?
  109. Monia + Cherries?
  110. Cherry shrimp, clear stripe
  111. How fast they give birth to shrimplets
  112. has anyone experienced breeding shrimps in 5.5 gallon
  113. successful artificial hatching of eggs
  114. Using Easy Breeding Boxes
  115. Shrimp dance?
  116. My shrimp at feeding time
  117. Shrimp ID request
  118. Yellow shrimp with white eyes
  119. Snails in a Shrimp Tank: Useful or Not?
  120. strawberry leaves and others
  121. bamboo leaves
  122. Need some information about CRS, RCS and sakuras.
  123. Shrimps and Snails Comptibility
  124. How often do shrimps breed?
  125. Shy Fan Shrimp.
  126. Current/flow in shrimp tanks
  127. when will i see berried shrimp?
  128. Bristlenose catfish is good for shrimps?
  129. Amano & RCS with Panda Cory cats... Safe?
  130. Black molly with cherry shrimps
  131. Feedback Needed: Riki Magic Soil
  132. Shipping shrimp with mature media
  133. Pygmy Cories
  134. What's a inexpensive digital camera for taking shrimplet images?
  135. Shrimp dies while molting
  136. Male/female Ratio
  137. CBS hide before birth?
  138. Some help with shrimp during arrival
  139. shrimp kill
  140. Mopane root in the tank
  141. How aggressive ghost shrimps are
  142. Black diamond shrimp
  143. Japanese Moss Balls/brackish water shrimp tank
  144. A few qustions about a new shrimp's aquarium,please get inside :P
  145. Floating pellets are a hit with Hawaiian Red Shrimp-others may like too
  146. Is substrate necessary?
  147. How I got fascinated by shrimp - macro pics
  148. Mix breed or pure breed for your tanks?
  149. When are shrimp eggs fertilized?
  150. CO2 Checker and not enough oxygen?
  151. How to determine shrimps die of old age?
  152. Blackout Situation
  153. Baby Pinocchio shrimp
  154. mixing sexes
  155. Is crossbreeding evil?
  156. Articles Contest 2010 Poll
  157. How to clean sand in Red Cherry Tank
  158. Minimum tank size for shrimps
  159. What is this?
  160. My first shrimp
  161. Halocaridina rubra- some info please
  162. Rudolf shrimplets in freshwater: born to die???
  163. Help my snowballs r dying!!!!
  164. how to ship a shrimp?
  165. ph gh and kh problem
  166. Guppies n shrimp
  167. UK wild shrimp
  168. What type / quality of rcs are these?
  169. Red Fire (RC) Shrimp: Coloration of Eggs?
  170. Mr Yeh Shrimp Farm Video English Translation Required
  171. help...plz
  172. snow white selection
  173. Can they mix together?
  174. Anetome Helena
  175. How to move my shrimps from tank to another new tank?
  176. Question about grading
  177. Cycling
  178. Put a berried female from one tank to the other.
  179. Can they mix together?
  180. snow whites
  181. Can they mix? Urgent!!!
  182. Everything I need to know
  183. How to increase color in Shrimps
  184. Question Bout 20 Gal. rimless Tank Project
  185. PH Controller...
  186. Heavy Casualties!
  187. Water change
  188. If my aquasoil is still leaching ammonia, can I add prime daily to prevent death?
  189. Mix of soil?
  190. Shrimp in Israel?
  191. Shrimp lost =(
  192. Does colour of the egg have any bearing on the shrimp when they hatch?
  193. Killifish housed with CRS ?
  194. Selective breeding yellow shrimps??
  195. Gold/Orange Eyes Shrimps
  196. EHEIM CLASSIC 2211
  197. Jump out
  198. feed
  199. Strange white things!!
  200. Phantom Pregnancy
  201. My eeriest shrimp sighting, yet!
  202. Not on Crystal Red Shrimp But on Bamboo shrimp
  203. shrimp with CO2 injection (help, I am new)
  204. How much soil?
  205. interbreed of tiger shrimps and snow white
  206. Hybridizations?
  207. Different kinds of shrimp per aquarium?
  208. Need some opinions while finalizing shopping list
  209. Sakura looses its colour!
  210. Shrimp Shipping Guide
  211. Gh and DGH same unit?
  212. Dead Shrimp & Unknown Critter
  213. Shrimp Living in The Filter
  214. Carbon filter in shrimp tank?
  215. Ph down conditional...
  216. Australia: Woman jailed for importing shrimp
  217. Co2...
  218. Where are all the breeders?
  219. Disturbing Berried Females
  220. Advice & Input for Newbie Tank
  221. White worms
  222. Permanent ph test
  223. Shrimp dies after giving birth?
  224. Can they mix?
  225. Maximum shrimp population 8gal
  226. 2/3 day old shrimp moulting
  227. Plants in aquarium
  228. Anyone can advise (water plants for Shrmip)
  229. another filter questions
  230. Snails and worms in the tank
  231. Water changes
  232. Strange Substrate
  233. Interesting Read
  234. Shrimp with fish?
  235. Crs and dwarf orange crayfish?
  236. Shrimp babies and filter advice for newbie
  237. My shrimp turn black when dying
  238. found some weird critters in my tank... looking for info/advice
  239. The Golden Rules for Shrimp Keeping
  240. Camera
  241. Self regenerating planaria
  242. What are they trying to do?
  243. CRS climbing on overhang sponge filter
  244. Whether i can keep all these breeds together??!!
  245. are snails bad to have in tank with shrimp?
  246. Sandstone
  247. ADA Amazonia (Normal) with UGF?
  248. Indostomus Paradoxus as pest control
  249. A discussion on the different colors of saddle in shrimp giving different results
  250. Noecaridina heteropoda