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  1. German CRS trend
  2. crs breeding conditions
  3. CRS losing white colour to dull clear colour
  4. I got the Crystal Red Blues
  5. is ada amazon good for crs
  6. CRS's color during pregnancy
  7. Shrimp tank
  8. Crystal Red Shrimp + Crystal Red Shrimp = CRS/Diamonds?
  9. Colour of CRS eggs
  10. Sad question
  11. Are Crystal Red escape artists?
  12. How many?
  13. how long before shrimplets develope color/banding?
  14. nano tank
  15. My CRS
  16. The life span of CRS?
  17. Hi all! N a few question.
  18. Crystal Red is ill
  19. grade doesnt effect the offspring??
  20. Hardiness of Shrimps
  21. Water hardness
  22. Nocturnal
  23. one strange crs
  24. They all look the same! (CRS sexing woe)
  25. CRS Shrimplets Questions
  26. how cold should the water be for CRS
  27. bee +CRS=???
  28. One Egg
  29. white becomes red
  30. new gather
  31. crs at last - now what ?!
  32. grading of CRS
  33. how sensitive R CRS?
  34. Newbie asking questions
  35. 1 foot cube
  36. baby shrimplet??
  37. Do I need special food for baby CRS?
  38. Just Got Crystal Red Shrimp
  39. Planted Tank for CRS
  40. Grade variability of offspring
  41. My new crs's
  42. Moving crs babies to another tank
  43. Genetic pool of high selected CRs
  44. Can CRS leave tank?
  45. crs and cherry in the same tank
  46. Newbie on CRS
  47. CRS Breeding Information?
  48. How well do CRS ship?
  49. How long till a Prego CRS births Shrimplets?
  50. CRS breeding strategy
  51. PH level and Breeding CRS
  52. ADA Aquasoil for CRS
  53. GH Level For CRS
  54. Hikari Algae Wafers and Feeding
  55. Fertilzer Dosing and CRS
  56. How often do you change water?
  57. CRS eat blood worm?
  58. unstable temperature
  59. housing Crystal reds with Giant African Filter Shrimp
  60. Armanos killing my CRS
  61. CRS killed by mesh
  62. Grading questions
  63. rate this CRS
  64. CRS loosing eggs :(
  65. Orange CRS Eggs
  66. Grade this 3 months old CRS
  67. Grading of my babies
  68. Sexing CRS/Bee
  69. How to count pregnancy
  70. What is wrong with this CRS?
  71. Grading of my CRS
  72. Praying hard...
  73. Starting with CRS - help needed
  74. CRS mating
  75. tiger tooth
  76. CRS Genetic/Grading Question
  77. CRS brown offspring
  78. PH and hardness importance
  79. CRS babies, an unexpected surprise.
  80. tank w/o gravel
  81. Size of CRS breeding tank
  82. My First EVER CRS
  83. CRS in Malta
  84. Pregnant CRS color
  85. Help ! I am getting more and more confused
  86. CRS: Food for thoughts
  87. Post your CRS thank pic
  88. so sad
  89. Optimum temp and PH?
  90. Breeding Crystal Red Shrimp for quality
  91. CRS and CO2
  92. My CRS
  93. Can CR mix with Cherry?
  94. hinomaru in 3rd generation
  95. Lighting effect on CRS
  96. Wannabe CRS Owner
  97. CRS yellow eggs?
  98. help on identify grade!
  99. CRS mating season ?
  100. CRS SS V band? grading needed
  101. I was about to pour this CRS away
  102. Lakes and CRS
  103. CRS hiding due to stress?
  104. What is your successful CRS tank size?
  105. How to make boiled spinach??
  106. CRS Grading
  107. What do want your CRS food to do for you and your CRS?
  108. is that ok?
  109. crs need air pump
  110. CRS Pregnant
  111. Emergency with my hinomaru tank!
  112. How do you clean your Shrimp tank?
  113. could you grade this please?
  114. Rock for CRS
  115. CRS Breeding tank
  116. Tank attack by Planaria-Flatworm. (No Pic)
  117. Male or female?
  118. My shrimp experience. It breeds!
  119. Fanning / Eggs
  120. help
  121. Boiled Spinach?
  122. Red Bee + Black Bee
  123. Lights
  124. What Grade Is This?
  125. Does this make sense?
  126. Special marking or color CRS
  127. Questions from the Netherlands. Can you help me?
  128. Will liquid fertilizer for plants (high iron) harm the CRS or other shrimp species??
  129. Finally!!!!!! Got some CRS (UK)!! (Photos)
  130. Bone CRS
  131. Breeding CRS questions
  132. Insufficient oxygen?
  133. Crystal red shrimps tank specs help
  134. Recommended gravel for CRS?
  135. I cannīt believe it, got CRS finally (Spain)
  136. My CRS Laid Eggs (Photo)!!! First in UK??
  137. Pictures piectes... of my news CRS...
  138. what grade is this
  139. Tricolor CRS???
  140. experiment in killing planaria with albendazole
  141. How many for 5 gal tank?
  142. My new CRS and Black bees.
  143. Do you add activated carbon, ammonia remover stone and ect staff in your CRS tank?
  144. hybrids
  145. Identify this plant..
  146. CRS tanks size
  147. ideas & advice on breeding CRS.
  148. Florite
  149. Yo All New here to Shrimps!!
  150. Will this Tank be too BIG??
  151. Germany Red Bee & Crystal Red Shrimps
  152. Plant Fertilizer , Algae remover for CRs tank
  153. Do you agree that CRS likes to swim towards the flow of the water?
  154. Going to start taking care of CRS
  155. Survival rate
  156. A bit yellowish Stripe.
  157. CRS behaving frantic - problem?
  158. CRS Photos & Movies to share with you!!
  159. My CRS finally have eggs....
  160. New Movies!! My Baby CRS!!
  161. CRS and raining weather...
  162. grading
  163. CRS in spain???
  164. CRS diying!!!
  165. Finally!! Baby CRS Photos!!
  166. crystal red anarchy
  167. Whats this CRS problem??
  168. Dinner Time !@!@!@
  169. CRS diying during the moulting...
  170. CRS mating
  171. CRS and temperature
  172. FINALLY my shrimps are breeding!
  173. Shrimps swimming all over the tank
  174. Me too, I got my first crystal red shrimplets...
  175. Baby CRS and hydra?
  176. crystal red shrimp in Hardwater (Update with photos)
  177. about crystal shrimp
  178. What Do you feed Shrimplets?
  179. Need some Crystal Red Shrimp
  180. Selective breeding techniques...
  181. RCS and CRS
  182. my newly bought CRS
  183. What CRS babies eat ?
  184. Preparing the tanks for CRS and CBS shrimps.
  185. Finally After 5mths! Baby Cherries!
  186. Grade SS?
  187. crossbreeding CRS + Diamond
  188. Breeding Questions...
  189. Lossing White Colors, Help !!!!
  190. Ideal Water Parameters for CRS?
  191. Do CRS lay egg and shrimpet
  192. Toxicity of different substances related to CRS
  193. Tigers?
  194. Colour of CRS
  195. Cloudy Water in CRS Tank
  196. Ph and GH question for CRS
  197. CRS grades
  198. CRS filter
  199. What is the orgigin of CRS??
  200. crs shrimplets
  201. Is it possible CRS breeding without leaves?
  202. Tank values...help wanted
  203. Blue CRS
  204. Is it possible that bee shrimp changed to diamond?
  205. A future Crystalred tank....help...
  206. My Bee Shrimps
  207. Noob questions for crs tank
  208. Bubble in Female CRS!
  209. CRS and water parameters
  210. Ratio of Black Bee vs CRS
  211. CRS bands
  212. NEWBIE in California Needs Help with CRS.
  213. New 10 gallon red crystal+bee shrimp
  214. red bee = high grade CRS?
  215. What am I doing wrong?
  216. Just got some CRS and have a few questions
  217. Can we do blackout with CRS
  218. Newcomer - CRS hobbyist
  219. Test
  220. What Grade am I?
  221. colour intensity breeding
  222. How many shrimplets from one female?
  223. Is it possible to breed in a bare 10 gallon?
  224. Is it possible to keep Aphyosemion killifishes with Shrimps
  225. Losing some color?
  226. colour of CRS eggs?
  227. mixing red crystal and bee (black): have you experience??
  228. Question about Water Conditions for CRS.
  229. shrimplets and yamato
  230. Brown crystal red shrimp
  231. Is it normal for CRS juvies to lose color?
  232. Safe way to remove snails without harming crystals reds
  233. CRS Tank setup
  234. My CRS are home...
  235. Wondering about overcrowding
  236. upgrade CRS from A to ?
  237. Are there compatible fish for CRS breeding?
  238. Are plant weights bad for CRS?
  239. Molting problem
  240. Chemical PH Down/PH decrease
  241. 3 band crs
  242. questions about Ph and viablity of CRS
  243. Adults or Juvies accimilate better?
  244. Pregnant CRS being disturbed by other CRSs
  245. Is it safe to use Deionized water for CRS?
  246. Old crystal red shrimp less color?
  247. Mineral Rocks and Mirco-Organisms for CRS
  248. what happens if i crossbread a CRS with Beeshrimps
  249. Will stronger light output affect crs?
  250. how to keep CRS in a stable cherry shrimp tank