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  1. Effect of topping up water
  2. What to do with RO water
  3. KH and ph
  4. ADA soil
  5. breeding temperature
  6. Crystal Red Shrimps and Temperature
  7. Recommend a chiller anyone?
  8. What is the definition and composition of brackish water?
  9. Shrimp jump out tank
  10. Effects of wire mesh
  11. Brownish Water
  12. water quality for shrimp tank
  13. using spaghnum to lower pH, good or bad?
  14. Fungus?
  15. Singapore HDB Tap water PH
  16. Tetra ToruMin
  17. Tolerable amount of chemical
  18. High PH
  19. Question on water change for shrimps
  20. Question in hard and soft water
  21. to Remove coral or not??? Confuse :(
  22. Gravel Siphoning
  23. What water hardness is best for CRS and cherry shrimp?
  24. Use of dechloraminator products
  25. Lowering PH using CO2
  26. Use of Iodine questions
  27. Chloram-X
  28. Serious water condition require serious help!
  29. Lowering NO3
  30. copper level?
  31. African wood
  32. S1
  33. what should I do?
  34. water changes?
  35. Montmorillonite
  36. nutrafin cycle
  37. Acid buffer
  38. Mineral Rock
  39. pH
  40. Temperature
  41. Soft and hard water
  42. R/O water
  43. Remove Chlorine or chloramine?
  44. CRS water parameter measurement
  45. My Way To Cool Tanks
  46. fill in the Aquarium tank with filtered drinking water
  47. External Filter
  48. Cherries "too active"??
  49. help needed
  50. Temp question..
  51. Does Shrimps like water current?
  52. Ketapang (Indian Almond) Leaves
  53. know how to use sera GH tester kit?
  54. Calcium for shrimp and plants.
  55. Water turn murkish white
  56. How loooong does it takes to cycle a tank with ADA soil???
  57. Using Activated Charcoal and effect
  58. Water parameter for thoughts.
  59. How to control PH from dropping
  60. ADA soil after 1-2years
  61. Water condition for Crystal Red Shrimp
  62. SERA gh tester failed or my water is VERY-VERY HARD?
  63. Which water source should I use?
  64. Plants' Trace Elements mix compatibility with CRS & RCS
  65. good condition for RCS
  66. Conditioning ADA soil
  67. how to raise KH? and pH?
  68. Seachem Purigen for shrimp tanks?
  69. Tannic Acid
  70. Gh...to high?
  71. Peat/Peat moss
  72. Filter media, your opinion
  73. What brand of chiller are you using?
  74. Able to thoroughly clean a marine chiller into a fresh water chiller?
  75. Anyone face the same problem like mine?
  76. strange shrimp death after water change.
  77. cooling down the tank
  78. ADA soil
  79. Can anyone recommend a Buffer
  80. which soil is the best?
  81. Help Needed!!!
  82. Ammonia Strike
  83. At Wits End!!!!
  84. TDS for CRS tank?
  85. I need a water quality expert
  86. Which Filter Bio Medium Do You Use?
  87. semi-cycling question
  88. About Canister filter
  89. Yet another water question
  90. Snow Flake
  91. Controlling PH Level
  92. How do you measure your water?
  93. ADA soil cycling question
  94. Help with reducing GH (Alternatives to RODI)!!!
  95. Softening Pillow (Rena) Experiment: Sodiums affect on RCS and CRS
  96. pH/KH/GH of your CRS tank(s)
  97. UV in shrimp tanks
  98. Almond leaves
  99. ph!!!!need help ASAP
  100. Dennerle S7 and Shrimp? Bad Idea?
  101. What should my KH/GH be for shrimps?
  102. Amtra Trop
  103. Need help identifying this "thing"
  104. Are strip tests ok for measuring water parameters?
  105. Need help with my water
  106. lowering ph with peat
  107. Need help with safe lowering pH
  108. What exactly do Almond leaves do for my shrimp tanks water?
  109. Cloudy Water
  110. pH 6.5 and kH 4.5 (kH too high?)
  111. URGANT: tank recycleing ist self
  112. water temp 27.5????
  113. It is too much Shrimp?
  114. lowering the temp
  115. MY CRS tank Parameters.. HELP
  116. water change- other reasons than decrease nitrate level?
  117. PH problems?? HELP!
  118. Need some help with adjusting the gH & kH
  119. Help lowering my pH in my RCS & CRS tank
  120. Water change and PH
  121. Why do people age tap water??
  122. CRS tank maintenance - HELP!
  123. Amtra Oak Bark Extract or Amtra Trop
  124. Air-Con Room for Shrimp Tank
  125. Method of water change
  126. PH remain same for few days
  127. Hard water to soft water
  128. Water cycled in 2 days?
  129. Ada soil and PH
  130. Never thought this would happen...
  132. filter media
  133. Do I need to alter my water for CRS?
  134. CRS shrimplets gone in 1 week
  135. Lowering Ph
  136. Digital Testers
  137. My crystal babies is dead......
  138. O2 in water...how do you know it?
  139. surface film
  140. Ammonia remover stone
  141. Water change question.
  142. Copper dosage?
  143. Lowering pH with Seachem Acid Buffer
  144. Help: Siphoning Sand Substrate
  145. Slimy Algae Problem
  146. is this fert ok?
  147. URGENT! CO2 tablets + fert + matured water + no cycle = death
  148. Thumbs up for CurrentUSA 1/15 HP Prime Chiller
  149. bubbles and white film on surface
  150. pH too Low for CRS? ~6.0
  151. 30% water change without help
  152. how to test for GH & KH ?
  153. GH + KH are they really important ?
  154. will any harmful chemicals leech from stainless steel meshes ?
  155. Help for newbie needed. Old sea mud rock or calcium rock?
  156. i feel like giving up ...
  157. anyone knows if this chiller brand TECO is good ?
  158. unusual PH rise after tank swapover..?
  159. HELP, crs die slowly...10 already gone
  160. How to bring up KH?
  161. Is my water good for shrimps
  162. oily water surface
  163. Bag Buddies Tablets
  164. ADA Bacter 100
  165. RCS death questions
  166. 20ppm nitrates in tap water
  167. possible to breed CRS in hard water?
  168. Summer is coming up !
  169. Caridina gracilirostris in brackish or salt?
  170. coral chip exhuastion
  171. Mineral plus increase the ph level?¿
  172. Water in SG
  173. Help with Rainwater?
  174. What do you need to add to RO water?
  175. kh and gh
  176. What is the right conductivity in siemens fro CRS?
  177. Hot to get Ph 6,5 Kh 2 and Gh 5 from RO water? IMPOSSIBLE? please help !
  178. Does Seachem Equilibrium have anything needed for CRS breeding? I use RO water
  179. Some questions abt water parameter
  180. found white thingy in tank while conditioning the tank
  181. Frequency of Water Change
  182. Can I keep and breed CRS with a Kh<1?
  183. Is peat harmful for CRS?
  184. A Ph swing of 0,5 from night to day is harmful for CRS?
  185. Help me please!!!!! with the correct form to oxigenate the water of my tank
  186. skimmer for crs?
  187. How do my parameters look?
  188. Do I need to lower my PH?
  189. Extremely high GH and KH.
  190. Testing equipment for a CRS tank.
  191. API Stress Coat® Good ?
  192. KOI MINERAL for red bee shrimps ?
  193. Tiny white thing in my tank
  194. Is API proper pH 7.0 Safe for shrimp + water help!??
  195. Raise GH...
  196. Best shrimp specific water conditioner?
  197. water changes & gravel siphoning
  198. A different type of Temperature Fluctuation question
  199. TDS and GH
  200. Water change for tank with CRS shrimplets
  201. Shrimps tolerating up to 28'C
  202. hydra in my rcs tank please help
  203. How should i do about GH? (mosura minerals plus)
  204. MOSURA Shizhen
  205. ADA Amazonia I or II, which one to my pipe water?
  206. Ph questions- Ada amazonia?
  207. RO water remineral
  208. help needed with kh
  209. essential salts for CRS
  210. PH level for Blue Tiger
  211. new baby shrimp
  212. Minerals for CRS
  213. HELP Water from tap is 0.50 ammonia
  214. PH question
  215. PH at 6.0 Is it too low?
  216. PH tester color change within 5 min?
  217. Ph & kh help needed
  218. gh problem please help
  219. Losing Crystal Red
  220. House with copper pipes
  221. ADA soil
  222. high ph problem
  223. Does lava rock increase pH and TDS?
  224. TDS
  225. Tip to 'Treat' Algae Blooms in Water!
  226. Low pH while using ADA Amazonia and Africa
  227. Water treatment
  228. Green hair algae\N03
  229. ph level between 4.9 - 4.5
  230. soil and canister filter media
  231. Best height of substrate(ADA)?
  232. Anyone Kept CRS in these water parameters?
  233. CRS water from Korea
  234. Mosura Mineral Plus and KH=0
  235. Help my pH is too high
  236. Help with maintaining low pH
  237. How to gently sterilize leaves...?
  238. CRS tank Parameters and Temperature
  239. Are bottled spring water for water change okay?
  240. kh\gh\ph parameters for CRS.
  241. How often do you clean pipes and tubes?
  242. What TDS make of?
  243. Gh and Kh our misunderstood friend.
  244. How to lower pH?
  245. Which Gh test kit is the best?
  246. how much co2 can crs handle?
  247. GH (calcium/magnesium ratio)
  248. high phosphates - how to remove?
  249. Using RO water
  250. NO3 woes