• Amano (yamato) shrimp breeding 2

    Hi guys I have recently successfully raised Amanos cheaply and on my windowsil and so as so many people ask I thought I would share. I've based all my attempts on the method that Jose has in his article (amano (yamato) shrimp breeding 1). However it didn't really work for me and I couldn't source liquizell. So I modified it and through trial and error after the third attempt I have 150 4 month old shrimps. Here's how

    You need two tanks, mine were 30l and 12l. Tank One is fresh and contains your pregnant female. You can add a homemade bubble filter (see youtube) and turn it off when the zoes hatch. Tank 2 tank is for salt water. It needs to be 24SG of 34ppm full salinity. Buy 100ml Phytoplancton off internet and add about 10ml every day until its all in. This tank needs a quite strong light on 24h a day (I used 9w for the 12l tank) to help the plancton breed. Plancton is self replenishing and does not polute the water. The water needs to be about 22C so I didn't use a heater.

    When the zoes hatch, pipette them one by one into the salt water. Just chuck them straight in! That should be all you have to do! Do a 25% water change every 10 days, using an air stone on the end so you dont suck up any zoes. Leave them to it, I actully went on holiday so maybe that's they key (eg watched kettle never boils etc).

    After 30 to 40 days they should be significantly bigger and then the suddenly change. For the last 30 days they have been hovering head down and usually swimming tail first. When they change they can no longer swim head down or hover and they swim forwards really fast! They go transparent too and this is the time to remove them (if they still have red stripe leave them another day).

    Remove them one by one into a cup half full with salt water. Then fill the other half of the cup with fresh to make it 50/50. Next day empty out half the water and again fill with fresh to make it 25/75. Next day release them into tank 1.

    They will eat algae wafers, sweetcorn, prawns. I have 2 adult females with them with no problems. You will definately need a filter running when you have 200 shrimps in it. I disconnected mine when cleaning the filter and forgot to reconnect it and over night 7 shrimps died.

    That's it that's all I did and now they are 4 months old and ready for sale.