• Shipping shrimps

    Most shrimp breeders (especially new ones) are afraid to ship their shrimps to other states or places. And this is one thing a shrimp breeder has to learn how to do if he wants to sell his shrimps to more people and more places and earn a few more bucks.

    It is the best to pack your shrimps in a Kordon breathing bag, which is a special bag for shipping live stock. The bag lets oxygen to come in and lets CO2 or Carbon Dioxide to go out. Or if you are using a normal plastic bag, make sure your water is just about 20% of the bag and fill the other 80% with oxygen.

    Stress is one of the most important things that shrimps face during shipping...especially long trips...and shrimps that have been packaged poorly can often lead to death. When a shrimp dies, it releases ammonia that can be deadly to the other shrimps. The stress can be reduced a little by adding some plants or moss when you ship them for them to cling on.

    Ammonia / Nitrate problems
    Ammonia and Nitrates are one of the deadliest things to shrimps...especially sensitive shrimps like crystal shrimp and sulawesi shrimps. Ammonia & Nitrate are usually caused by :

    1)too much poop
    2)dead shrimp

    To control the first problem...what I go is i just dont feed my shrimps for the 3-5 days before shipping the shrimp. This reduces their poop and therefore reduces ammonia & nitrates.
    Second, shrimp deaths while shipping are usually caused by weak shrimp, sudden change in temperature, ammonia from their poop and stress.

    Temperatures are major problems for people like me who live in warm climates, as the temperature here reaches to about 36C sometimes, so the shrimps might not like this temperatures and get stressed. So what i do is i ship the shrimp in a styrofoam box so it wont change the water temperature so quickly. And i just stuff the whole box with newpaper around the shrimps bag and in the newspaper i will put some ice. And when the ice melts during shipping, the newspaper will absorb up all the water (but the water is still cool) and the whole inside of the box would be cool. The the reason i use styrofoam box is because it will keep the temperature of the ice water in the box constant for quite awhile. As for cold climates you can just add a heatpack.

    Well, thats it. It's just that simple. Once you start doing some shipments it will be a piece of cake for you.

    All the Best!