• Caridina gracilirostris (Red Nose/Mosquito Shrimp)

    Common name: Rhino, Mosquito, Rudolph, Red Nose, Rocket shrimp, Rote Nashorngarnele
    Scientific name: Caridina gracilirostris, de Man 1892
    Size: 3.5 to 4 cm or 1.4 to 1.6 inch
    Water temperature: 20 to 28C or 68 to 82F
    Water parameters: pH 6.5 to 7.5
    Origin: India
    High or low breeding form: low

    A beautiful shrimp that earns its name with its red rostrum. It is quite a jumper in poor water condition and when under attack. It is a hardy species which lives in wide range of temperature and PH if they are conditioned slowly to them. Larvaes are not able to develop in freshwater tanks as they need brackish water to develop.

    They can often be seen hovering in the water with the head pointing to the gound. This is no sign of illness but their unique style to swim.

    These shrimps eat a wide range of foods but seem to need vegetable in their diet. If they get not enoguh algae and other vegetables they start to eat soft plants too. They even like to eat stringy moss or java fern if there is no other vegetarian food available.

    Beause of their size they are relatively dominant and you should take care of this fact if you keep them with other smaller shrimp species to prefend them from starving because of to few food. But they are not aggressive against other shrimps or fishes.
    Rare photo of mating mosquito shrimps.