• Caridina cf. breviata ┤bumble bee┤ (Bumble Bee Shrimp)

    Common Name: Bumble Bee (Hong Kong/Singapore/Taiwan/Japan), Hummelgarnele (Germany/Austria/Switzerland)
    Scientific Name: Caridina cf. breviata ┤bumble bee┤
    Description: color varies from black to brown with white stripes, head is brown, no orange
    Size: 2.5 to 3 cm or 1 to 1.2 inch
    Water temperature: 21 to 26░C or 70 to 79░F
    Water parameters: pH 6.8 to 7.5
    Origin: Southern China
    High or low breeding form: high

    Origin from southern China. This shrimp looks very similar to the genuine bee shrimp (or known as diamond shrimp in some countries), unlike bee shrimp, it does not has a orange til brown rostrum and tail. It is even more similar to the new bee / bee shrimp. But a closer look on the head tells the difference. Bumble bee shrimps have a brown head while new bee shrimps have a pale white one.
    Normally the stripes of the wild type of this shrimp are pale white/beige or colorless and relatively wide. The black or dark brown color could become bluish if the shrimps are stressed. The white stripe on the cephalothorax ( the forebody so to say) can vary a lot but
    it is always white till pale white.

    These shrimps require the same conditions as bee / diamond shrimps. They are relativly easy to breed under the right conditions.

    Note: Bumble Bee shrimps require cool water temperature, it is best kept at 25░C or lower. They do not well in tropical countries without a chiller.

    Pictures from Xema: