• Macrobrachium assamense

    English name: Red Claw shrimp
    Scientific name: Macrobrachium assamense (Palaemonidae family)
    Origin: Asia
    Size male/female: Alpha males can grow over 7cm in length and develop long claws. Females are much smaller reaching 5cm in length and do not develop powerful long claws.
    Water temperature: 20C up to 28C
    Water Parameters: pH 7.0 - 7.5
    High or low breeding form: high
    Behaviour: agressive
    Difficulty: Medium
    Male Macrobrachium assamense vary from yellowish light brown to dark brown. Alpha males are usually the darker specimens. Their claws are much bigger than the felames. The name 'Red claw' is derived from the dark red displayed on the claws and rostrum.
    The female are usually light green. Eggs are dark green.
    My experience on this species:
    Several specimens can be kept together in larger tanks. I'm keeping mine in a 200 litre planted tank. They are good planted tanks inhabitants since they like to be provided with plenty of hiding places. They do not uproot or damage plants.
    Macrobrachium assamanense are easy to breed. The female carries the fertilised eggs under her abdomen and between her swimmerets or pleopods for about 40 days. One female can give birth to 20-50 minature shrimps.
    Although Macrobrachium shrimps are usually very agressive, these shrimps will tolerate being in small groups if housed in larger tanks. Shouldn't be kept in a community tank with small fish and dwarf shrimps. Excellent scavengers!

    Alpha male Macrobrachium assamense in planted tank

    Female Macrobrachium assamense

    A juvenile male Macrobrachium assamense

    Few days old Macrobrachium assamense already displaying red claws