• Vittina semiconica (Orange Track, Polka Dot Snail)

    English name: Orange track snail, Polka dot snail
    Scientific name: Vittina semiconica
    Origin: Indonesia
    Size male/female: about 2.5 cm or 1 inch
    Water temperature: 20 - 27 C or 68 - 81 F
    Water Parameters: pH 6.7 - 8.0
    Breeding: needs brackish water
    Behaviour: peacefull
    Difficulty: easy
    Black stripes or dots on a light brown to orange shell.
    They are laying big white eggs wich are difficult to remove from the glass or other things in the tank. Breeding in freshwater is not possible.
    These snails are harmless for healthy plants.
    My experience on this species:
    Sometimes they leave the water but that happens not as often as by other snails of this genus.
    Seems to be a good choice for softer water. They eat algaes but also fish food and vegetables like cucumber.
    Make sure that they cannot leave the tank. Otherwise they can die, because they cannot find the way back.