• Cambarellus Patzcuarensis orange

    English name: Orange Dwarf Crayfish
    Scientific name: Cambarellus Patzcuarensis orange
    Origin: Mexico, Lago de Pátzcuaro
    Size male/female: 4 cm / 3 cm or 1.6 inch / 1.2 inch
    Water temperature: 10 - 26 °C or 50 - 79 °F
    Water Parameters: pH 6.7 - 8.5
    Behavior: a bit aggressive, especially males to males
    Difficulty: easy
    Description: CPO´s with good genes are bright orange colored. The patterns can be striped or spotted.
    My experience on this species: Sometimes difficult to breed because the young crayfish are sensitive.
    Plants are not touched but they are trying to catch shrimps. In a well decorated tank with enough space that´s not a big problem.
    Remarks: Take care of enough hiding places like caves and add leaves.