• Shrimp Keeping in a Nutshell

    Tank Size

    - 1ft and above sized tanks are recommended. Of course, the larger your tank, the more shrimps you can keep and the more stable the water will be.

    Optimum Water Parameters

    - Different shrimps require slightly different conditions. The details of each species commonly found in the current market can be found in Species.

    - Overall summary of the optimum water condition for a community of a variety of shrimps:

    1) Temperature: 23-25 Degrees Celcius.
    2) PH: 6.8-7.2
    3) Sufficient aeration (The larger the tank, the more aeration you should provide).
    4) Minimum(near none) or zero ammonia and nitrite. (In order to achieve this, Cycling of tank is usually necessary.)

    - As shrimps are usually kept in planted tanks, for high-maintance planted set-ups, make sure the tank is stabled and generally not recommended. This is because shrimps are extremely sensitive to water parameter changes so a fertilizer leak or CO2 leak can be fatal.

    Basic Knowledge for the setting up of a Shrimp Tank

    - Shrimps require high water quality, use of over rated filter is recommended. To prevent shrimps and shrimplets being sucked into inlet of filter, sponge or wool can be used to wrap over the inlet. The outlet of filter can be carefully position to produce minimal current in a tank.

    - Shrimps need the sense of security to grow up well so sufficient hiding places are necessary. Plants and driftwoods are good hiding places for the shrimps.

    - Shrimps also prefer to have rough surfaces to cling on. Thus, the set-up should not be of bare tank bottom. Usage of moss floors and gravels are the common ways hobbyist do to provide rough surfaces for the shrimps.

    - As shrimps are part of the diet of many fishes, it is optimum that shrimps are kept in shrimp-only tanks. However, some hobbyists successfully kept some relatively peaceful fishes with shrimps (The thread discussions - Shrimps with otos?, Shrimps with fish.)

    - ShrimpNow's Library also offers interesting articles such as Sex Differentiation and Breeding.

    Happy Shrimp Keeping!